Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You can't touch this - Hammer Time!

The day started out bad, but turned out to be good.

I found out that I left $20 in the money dispenser at the supermarket last Sunday. The supermarket was crazy crowded and I just wanted to get out of there. I went to the self serve counter and took out an additional $20 from my ATM card. This morning, I looked inside my wallet and realized what I did. Bummer! The good news is that it's only $20 and not more. Note to self...just go to the regular counter next time. At least the cashier will hand you the money.

My workout this morning was awesome! First, I warmed up on the treadmill by walking 6 minutes. I then proceeded with the UBWO, BFL style. Afterwards, I ran on the treadmill! Yeah! I'm back to running, baby! I miss it so much! I haven't ran since hurting my knee New Year's eve.

Anyways, I only did light to moderate running. I wanted to ease myself into it and just see how I felt. My routine went like this:

0:00-12:00 moderate to fast pace walking on a 2.0 incline
12:00-15:00 jogging at 4.5 mph 0.5 incline (I'm short so this is jogging for me!!!)
15:00-25:00 jogging/running increasing to 5.0 mph 0.5 incline
25:00-28:00 jogging/running 5.5/5.6 mph 0.5 incline
28:00-30:00 walking cool-down.

Total = 16 minutes jogging/running. It's probably not impressive to a lot of people, but it is for me. Like I said, I'm short and I'm just not a natural runner. I had to work myself up to it.

During my UBWO, I had a lot of opportunities to observe my gym surrounding. The following people grabbed my notice:

1) Fart Woman! This lady was a regular, but I stopped seeing her towards the end of last year. Well, now she's back. She's about middle aged, a little overweight, and only does very light exercise. God bless her though for just doing it. Anyways, I used to see her in one of the empty classrooms when I do abs or walking lunges and she does her own thing. When she does crunches, she farts as she lifts up! I can sometimes hear it through my headphones! It cracks me up all the time but I never say anything. It might be a medical condition, so I just keep everything to myself.

2) There's this guy (nice guy too) that wears these MC Hammer pants (hence, the title of today's blog). I'm not sure if this is a regular wear for the gym, but he's the only one I see wearing it. Everytime I see him, I start singing "You can't touch this..." in my head (LOL).

3) There this guy at the gym, who I think is new. I never saw him before. Anyways, I just happened to glance at his feet and noticed that his sneakers have holes in them. It's not because his shoes are old, it's how the shoes are made. It's sneakers, but it almost looks like sandals. I've never seen it before! I guess it would be good for ventilation. It would probably be strange for me not being able to wear socks.

Actually, I shouldn't be making comments about gym fashion. My gym outfit consists of wrinkled shirts and pants. We have laundry service at my gym so my clothes gets washed with other clothes and I wear the same thing everyday. It gets washed with industrial grade laundry soap, dried, and squished into our assigned tiny cubby holes. I usually wear $5 Old Navy flag shirts and whatever pants/shorts are on sale at Marshall's. I don't even match sometimes! I really don't care - I just want to go in, work out, shower, and leave!

My gym (it's a company gym, by the way) is offering martial arts/self-defense classes. There's orientation tomorrow during lunch time so I might check it out.

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