Friday, March 31, 2006

I love running!!!

I'm loving this week off so far! And I love that spring is here! I did not wake up early enough to go to the gym. However, I went for a brisk walk after lunch at work today for about 3 miles. Then, when I got home, I quickly changed into my running gear & went for a run - 3.5 miles!!! I had to walk for brief periods for warm-up & cool-down. I had to walk in between running twice for about a minute each just work out the side stitches & muscle stiffness. Overall, I am really excited about this. The best part is, except for the usual muscle soreness, I'm not experiencing any real pain (knees, feet, shins, hips, etc.). I'm hoping I can keep this up so I can run more.

The only thing though is that I've been expelling this ammonia smell after running. It's really noticeable as soon as I get into the house. At first, it worried me thinking that I spilled something somewhere in the house, but I remember reading about this in tracker. According to, it's an indication that I need to eat more carbohydrates and that the ammonia smell means that I'm breaking down protein, which consists of ammonia, instead of the carbs. I guess the potato chips I had just before heading out for the run is not sufficient :). Anyways, this is something I need to work out. Maybe a fruit 30 minutes before running would suffice.

To get me more motivated on running, I subscribed to Runner's World magazine. I can't wait to get the next edition!


Thank God it's Friday!!!!

Things I would like to accomplish this weekend:
  1. Work out - maybe get another running session in there, weather permitting.
  2. Laundry
  3. Clean the house (esp. the kitchen floor, foyer floor, & the bathrooms)
  4. Shop - I'm in desperate need of new clothes. I still have pants that are too big on me that I still wear. Being 5'1, it's a pain to get pants since even at petite size, I still need to get it hemmed. I need to get pants that fit me!!!!
  5. Buy more protein powder & RTD protein drinks.
  6. Cook

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Running & Potato Chips

First, I finally went to the specialty running shoes that's near my house. I really like the store and the employee there really knows running shoes. First, he had me stand on my bare feet then bend my knees, then he had me walk barefoot. Based on that he deduced that I had neutral, low arch feet. He had me try 3 running shoes (Asics 2110, Adidas, & Mizuno) that are 1/2 size bigger than my normal size. They all felt good, but the Mizuno was lighter on my feet. He then had me running outside on the sidewalk and it turned out that while I run, my right feet kind of turn inward, which means I was slightly pronated. He recommended that I get the stability shoes instead which was the Asics 2110, which was what I ended up buying.

It turned out that the sneakers I already have, the Asics 2010, is the correct one. The Asics 2110 is the upgraded model. Bear in mind, I knew nothing about running shoes & I bought my previous sneakers based on a friend's recommendation & not thinking how my feet are. The moral of this story is, I didn't need to get evaluated at all (LOL!). However, it was still good education for me and it's better to be sure than regret it later. The price is pretty steep though - $89.99! I know, it's probably average for good running shoes. Just think, I have to get 2 new pairs of sneakers every 6 months - one to leave at the gym (I'm very forgetful!) & one to leave at home! Yikes!

The employee there was really friendly. He told me about a running club that meets in their store throughout the week. There's a beginner's group that meets on Monday nights and he invited me to go to that one. They run on the nearby trail & they make sure that nobody runs alone. He then told me that they run for approx. 3.5 miles at about 10 minute/mile pace and I just started laughing! If this is beginner's level, I must be pathetic! I told him I'm about 3 miles/32 minutes pace on a treadmill! He said that shouldn't be a problem & that I would be surprised how much I could do until I actually do it. This is something that I would be interested in, but I think I'd rather do things on my own first, evaluate my capability & build up my endurance/speed before I join. But this is a possibility for the future.


Workout has been ongoing. Yesterday morning (fasted state), I did 45 minutes of spinning in the morning followed by abs (physio ball & dumbells). Today, I didn't wake up early enough. But I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a brisk walk at work after lunch (approx. 2.5 miles). When I got home, I put on my new Asics running shoes & went for a run around my development (~2.8 miles). I walked a little bit during warm-up & cool-down, and then for a couple of minutes in between after a hard hill run, but that's about it. Most of it was running! I could have run some more but it was getting dark so headed for home. I was so proud of myself! I want to keep doing this & hopefully improve enough that I don't embarass myself if I do decide to join that running club.

I haven't really been doing much weight lifting. I've been doing lots of push-ups here & there but that's about it.

As for my next challenge, I think I have a pretty good idea on what I want to do. I'm still reading through it, so stay tuned!


Eating has been okay. However, I have been indulging in some potato chips. This is one of my weakness in terms of junk food and I haven't had one in a looooong time. Even during my last 12-weeks challenge! Jeez, I can't even remember the last time I had one! So anyways, I'm indulging this week, get it out of my system, then it's back to clean eating next week.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

End of BFL Challenge 2

This challenge pretty much started with a bang and ended with a fizzle. I was able to somewhat salvage the last week of my challenge on the workout department. I was able to do spinning last Friday and LBWO on Saturday. However, Sunday turned out to be a crazy day so I scrapped the planned UBWO.

Eating is another story. I ended up going to my parents house (AGAIN) this weekend. Saturday night, we ended up going to a Hibachi place. I got the beef tenderloin, which was pretty lean, but the quantity of the food was just enormous. Sunday was just a day of gluttony with a big buffet brunch. It was good, but super filling. I was so full that I couldn't eat until dinner time.

Needless to say, I am glad Challenge 2 is over and done with. Even though it didn't end as strong as I would have wanted, I achieved the following notable accomplishments during this challenge:

  1. Fit in a size 2 jeans.
  2. Be able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes (PB of 2 miles in 19:45),
Some major roadblocks I had to overcome this challenge are getting motivated, gallbladder issues, big snow storm & getting my body out of whack from shoveling, & my brother's new house. However, overall, I am proud sticking through for the most part and finishing this challenge.

This week is my off week until I figure out what to do next. I'm still working out hard, but not as structured as BFL. So far this week:

Monday: OFF
Yesterday: ran 3 miles on the treadmill (5.7 - 6.0 mph/0.5 incline), 3 sets x 12 reps assisted dips, 3x12 assisted chin ups, Abs (medicine ball, pilates)
Today: spinning, Abs (physio ball & weights, knee ups)

Eating so far this week has been clean.

For my next challenge (or however you want to call it), I'm thinking of sticking with the 2-3 days 20 minutes HIIT + 10 minutes moderate cardio &/or 1 day spinning. This seems to work really well for me. I may increase the HIIT portion for an extra bit of challenge. What I'm struggling with is the weight lifting part. I am just bored with the BFL pyramiding routine and would like to do something different. I was completely clueless with weight-lifting before I started BFL so this is the only way I know. This week, one of my assignment is to start researching & experimenting with different weight lifting routines.

Also, I want to start running more. Since the weather is getting nicer (70F tomorrow!!!), I want to start running outside rather than the treadmill. Another one of my assignment this week is to get new running shoes that is actually right for me. I was able to find a specialty running close to my house so I might leave work early and go there to check it out.

Hopefully, by the end of this week, I can finalize what I want to do with my fitness routine. Luckily, I'll be staying close to home this weekend so I can hopefully start getting back into my routine.


American Idol - last night sucked! Nobody really impressed me, even Chris. The only one that came close to being interesting was Paris. One thing though - Bucky needs to go!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A not so good week

This week has just been blah! Workout has been crap! Of all the weeks for it to happen, it has to happen on week 12 of my challenge. Talk about self-sabotage. Surprisingly, eating hasn't been too bad. Not perfect, but at least there was no bingeing.

Last week, I was able to complete my 6 planned workout. I missed Saturday's UBWO but made it up on Sunday, which was supposed to be free day. I also did 37 minutes of MISS on the treadmill. Overall, not too bad.

This week's workouts were the pits:

  • 15 minutes HIIT running on the treadmill. Knee started acting up, so I stopped at minute 15 to stretch, walked, then started running at minute 20. I was so pissed for not completing the 20 minutes HIIT that I ran until I got a total of 3 miles (~32 minutes).
  • Abs (med. ball, pilates, knee-ups)

Tuesday: No Workout

Wednesday: No Workout

Today (Afternoon Workout):

  • 20 minutes HIIT on the eliptical (310 calories)
  • UBWO
  • Abs (med. ball, pilates, knee-ups)

Today (Nighttime while waiting for my salmon to cook):

  • 20 minutes yoga
Tuesday & Wednesday were just my lazy days. No excuse. Just LAZY! I was soooo lazy I didn't update my blog, nor check out other people's blogs. I was able to check the tracker a couple of times, but that's about it. I think going to my parents place 2 weekends in a row just ruined my routine. Unfortunately, I might go back this coming weekend for their anniversary.

All might not lost this week though. If I can do HIIT tomorrow, LWBO on Saturday, & UBWO on Sunday, I should be okay.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Nothing much today. Gym. Work. Eat. Sleep. Yada yada yada....

As far as workout, I did 20 minutes HIIT on the eliptical (burned approx. 305 calories according to the machine), 12 minutes MISS on the stairmaster, stretching, & abs (ball & dumbells).

Eating was okay. Not perfect, but it could be worse. I met a friend for lunch and I had crab cakes. I also indulged in a couple (or so) of Irish Potatoes. Talk about pure saturated fat & sugar! As much as I enjoy watching St. Patty's Day celebration, I cannot wait when it is over and all the Irish Potatoes have run out (LOL)!

It's late, I'm tired, but I'm still doing laundry (running out of underwears ;=)). And there's nothing to watch on tv.

God, I need a life!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I was feeling a "Biggest Loser" withdrawal today, so I decided to check out their website to see when the new season starts. No info on that yet. It seems they're still looking at applicants. However, it turned out I missed the Navy Wives vs. Army Wives episode :( The last episode I saw was the one about the restaurant families.

Anyways, I was surfing the site when I came upon Jullian's Sample Weekly Plan. Man, that woman's psycho! 6 days a week workout, each days consisting of 3 hours 45 minutes workout! For example, 1 hour in the morning of cardio in the fat burning zone, 1 hour circuit training & 45 minutes cardio in the fat burning zone in afternoon, AND 1 hour kickboxing at night! Is this even possible without killing yourself? Also, who has the time?

This leads me to remember a joke myself and a friend of mine shared a while ago. We agreed that given the chance and if we're lucky enough to find millionaire or billionaire husbands, we would not hesitate to quit work and just live as a trophy wives. I honestly wouldn't mind just making myself beautiful for my husband and just working out daily for hours to stay in a great shape. I guess if I'm lucky enough (and if I have enough energy), I can follow Jillian's plan. :)


Workout today went as planned.

Lunges: 8, 10, 15, 20, 12 (dumbell weights in each hand)
Reverse lunges: 12
Squats: 10, 12, 15, 20, 12
Single leg squats: 12
Seated Leg Press Machine (Calves): 210, 215, 220, 230, 225
Seated Leg Press Machine (Calves - toes pointed outward): 220
Hip Adductor Machine: 2x12x85, 12x90
Hip Abductor Machine: 2x12x85, 12x90

CARDIO: on the treadmill alternating between walking (3.8mph/3.5incline) for 1 lap & running (5.8mph/0.5 incline) for a total of 30 minutes.

Eating was great, except for a piece of brownie. Some evil person left some rich, fudgy brownies in our kitchen and it called me. Who am I to refuse? :)


I just got the Body-For-Life DVD set. I ordered it from DPS Nutrition for about $15 (including shipping) 2 days ago, and it was waiting for me outside my doorstep when I came home. SAWEEET!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And the banana saga continues on

Check out the BFL Guestbook (may have to scroll through several pages - it was going on this morning). Looks like banana's reputation is being dragged in the mud again (LOL). And wouldn't you know, Mike Harris is in the thick of things. I'm not bashing him or anything - he does have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to BFL. I just have to laugh! Anyways, I just have to say "LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE!". We're talking about bananas here for cripes sake! Okay, so bananas have higher calories compared to other fruits such as apples. However, it is rich in nutrients, therefore good for you. You don't see fat monkeys around, do you? And they eat bananas 24/7! Eating one a day shouldn't kill you or hamper your progress.


Workout today was great. I made it to spinning class this morning! YIPEE!!! The instructor, who we affectionally nicknamed "Pain with Pat", had us doing mostly climbing (both standing and sitting) and lots & lots of jumps. At the end of the class when my legs already felt like lead, she had us do a session of speed work. I was like "Are you kidding me?" Thankfully, I made it, but barely. My legs are definitely feeling it. Spinning class was then followed by ab workout.

I also did some Ashtanga Yoga at home. I bought this beginner's Ashtanga Yoga DVD a while ago that I forgot about and wanted to finally try it. I got a really good workout out of it. I used to be good at it, but now I suck! I can't even keep my legs straight on some of the poses. I hope that with practice, I can get back that flexibility I used to have.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Too good to last

It was around 70 F for the past 5 days and it all came to an end today. Temperature dropped by about 20 F and now it's back to around the 40's. It looks like it's going to be cold for a while yet. I thought that was it for winter. In fact, my roses are starting to sprout some new leaves. I guess I have to wait a little bit longer.

As for the workout, I stayed true to my promise and made it to the gym first thing in the morning for cardio and abs. I ran on the treadmill for my cardio HIIT and hit another personal best - 2.0 miles in 19:45 minutes!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! How cool is that! I kept ramping up the speed on minutes 18 & 19 and hit 7 mph. I only stayed there for a little bit and had to lower the speed to 6.9 mph because I literally felt like I was going to puke my guts out! That would have been really nasty! Also, as soon as I hit 2 miles, I lowered the speed to 6.0 mph until minute 20. I just couldn't go fast any longer. I guess you coud say that I definitely hit my 10 :).

My last personal best was 2.0 miles in 19:52 minutes - a mere 7 seconds difference from my current personal best. However, it seems like I worked twice as hard today as I did last week. Isn't it funny how that goes?

Tomorrow morning is spinning, so I'm going to try to go to sleep early for once.


American Idol

Tonight's show was really good. My thoughts are little peaksqueak Kevin has to go and Chris Daughtry rocked the house!

I'm still up in the air as to who will win. I think Katherine McPhee has the total package and Paris Bennett has the Fantasia factor going on. Those 2 could pull it off towards the end and duke it out in the finals. Chris might squeak in there though. Other good performers are Taylor Hicks, Lisa Tucker, Elliott Yamin, & Mandissa. This is probably the most talented bunch of all the seasons so far.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Note to self...

...get workout done FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!!!

Today, I decided not to leave the house at the crack of dawn due to severe fogging. I planned on doing my cardio HIIT around 10 am. Well, 9:30am comes around and I ended up having to take care of something that needed to get done by the end of today! So basically, my day was shot workout wise. I had to do some creative planning. I ended up switching today to UBWO and did it at home while watching "24" (9:00 pm!!!). I was peeved having to change my plan, but I'm proud of myself for getting it done regardless.


I came home last night from helping my brother paint his new house. I love painting, but I'm glad to be home. I can only do so much and it was just exhausting! My workouts while I was over there wasn't too bad. I only missed one workout (Saturday - LBWO). Hope all those painting and running errands made up for it though :)

Eating wasn't great. There was just too much temptation over there, and I was too weak to resist. Oh well. I'm at home turf now and I'm in control.

Last Friday, I went to this all women's gym by my parent's house (FYI - my brother bought in the same town, approx. 10 minutes away). This is the gym I typically go to while I'm there. While doing HIIT on the eliptical, I noticed there was this fairly attractive woman and a photographer going around the gym. The woman was kind of posing on some of the machines and doing some exercises (using some very light weights) and the photographer would take pictures of her. There I was, looking red in the face, huffing & puffing, all sweaty, and hair all over the place, and I swear I was probably in the line of sight on some of those pictures. I'm not sure what they're using the pictures for, but it better not be for some kind of gym promotion. I'm praying that the camera is digital and they can edit me out (LOL)! I looked HORRIBLE! The best part was right after my 20 minutes HIIT and went to the stairmaster to do my extra 10 minutes MISS cardio. I wasn't used to the machine and it took me a while to figure out how to operate it. But while doing so, and looking like a fool at the same time, there they were right in front of me taking pictures (LOL)! I would die if I see one of those pictures with me in the background. If that happens, I'll deny that it's me (LOL)!


I'm hoping I can make it to the gym first thing tomorrow morning, so I'm signing off to get some much needed sleep...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

House painting

Been helping my brother paint his new house. Everything is going well. I am just exhausted!

Workout has been going well also. Yesterday morning I made it to the morning spinning class. I also did abs afterwards. This morning, I did UBWO using my brother's dumbells.

Eating has been another story. All I can say is, I'm doing the best I can.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring is in the air

I can feel it....

The days have been longer, the weather has been decent. It's still chilly, but it hasn't been as bad. Actually, this coming Friday & Saturday is supposed to be in the upper 60's, maybe even 70's! I cannot wait!!!


Today around lunchtime, I went to the mall to do some shopping. I'm in desperate need of pants that actually fit & decent tops, specifically to wear for work. Some of the pants that I have are too big and the tops are either too big or too old. Anyways, the choice of clothing was just a disappointed. I must have missed the end-of-season sales because all the clothes available are for summer. It's not that warm yet, people! I just can't get into the warm weather clothing yet. Most of the pants were capris, and it's definitely not work appropriate. There were some dress pants that I liked, but they were just too expensive. Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend.

Fortunately, a good thing did come out of this whole shopping session. I went to Gap looking around and decided to finally try on some size 2 jeans. And guess what....THEY FIT!!!! And it's not like squeezing into it, looking like a muffin top. It actually fit comfortably, like you can sit without being afraid of popping a thread. There was one pair of jeans that didn't fit, and it was the ultra low rise Curvy which sits right around the butt crack. I swear, they make those for people without hips. Oh well!!! I was happy all the same. I actually bought a pair - sits just below the waist & flare cut. Really cute and very slimming! I only have one other pair of flare jeans and it's a size 6. It's loose, but I wear a belt and it looks okay. My mom has been covetting these jeans in like forever. I told her I'll give it to her once I replace it with another flare jeans. Well, guess she'll be getting a new pair of jeans the next time I see her :).

Oh, and my new pair of jeans...on sale for $29.99...and just the right length (a big deal for someone who's 5'1)! Not too shabby!


Today's workout was awesome! Made it to the gym first thing in the morning and did a kick-ass LBWO, followed by 30 minutes brisk walk on the treadmill at 3.5-3.8 mph & 3.5-5.0 incline. Go me!!!

Tomorrow is another attempt at making it to the 6:15 am spinning class. Otherwise, it's another boring HIIT on the stationary bike.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Today is HIIT day and I RAN!!! And get this, I ran 2.0 miles in 19:52 minutes! WOOOHOOO! I ran until 20 minutes and got about 2.01 miles total running. This was done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Before HIIT, I walked on an incline 2.5%/3.8mph for 5 minutes (~.31 miles). After HIIT, I cooled down for 5 more minutes at 2.5%/3.8 mph (~.31 miles). I then proceeded to do 2 sets of Abs Bootcamp. I usually do 3 sets, but I ran out of time. I might do another set later if I have the time.

Does anybody watch other people at the gym and gauge their own performance on how other people do? Well, I do! There were 2 girls specifically that I was paying attention to. First, there was a girl that was already running on the treadmill next to mine when I got on. The last time I saw her running (~2-3 weeks ago), she was running 6.0 mph steady-state. I found that impressive as it is. Now she's up to 7.0 mph!

Then, there was another girl who was on the treadmill on the other side of the one next to mine. I didn't see how fast she was running, but she was FAST like an energizer bunny. She's a very attractive, blonde, skinny thing, and she's one of those you just know fitness comes easy to (ie: athletic, naturally skinny, etc.). Anyways, while running, she took off her t-shirt and she was wearing this cute, tight, fitness tank top. She was also wearing these really short running shorts (one that I probably wouldn't have the nerve to wear). The whole scenario reminded me of Pink's "Stupid Girls" video from Christie's blog, minus the big boobs & the cute trainer. And of course, I managed to keep my pants on :).

Anyways, I used these 2 women to push me through with my running. I may not be a natural runner, but I can sure try and do the best that I can. Hopefully, with practice (and if my knees hold up), I can be right along with them.


Another thing happened at the gym, but this time in the locker room. There I was minding my own business. I usually go in, work out, shower, get ready, then leave to go back to work. Some people spend a lot more time there primping & socializing. I have nothing against that. I figured people have a right to do what they want. Anyways, the women were talking and this one girl was talking about, I believe, her nipple ring! Apparently, she had one and she ended up in the emergency room. It got all infected and looked like it was shredded. Really gross!!! It's not something I want to hear, especially first thing in the morning!


An Embarassing Thing

So I was at my desk. The document I am currently working on is in audit so I had some downtime. What did I do? I surfed the net. And of course, I found myself in tracker. Well, I just happened to click on someone's profile. I can't remember who it was, but it was a woman and her progress was incredible! One of her picture has her wearing a bright orange bikini. Well, it just so happened that our secretary was walking outside our office, and I guess the orange bikini stood out. She just had to laughingly (and loudly) make a comment about it. I just brushed it off and just said that it was some random thing that I just happened to click into.

Anyways, this raises another point. Maybe I should make a request to tracker webbie to have people stop posting their pictures. You know, just in case other people find it offensive..... ;)


Tonight is 2 hours of 24!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!! I'm a big fan of this show and I am excited! This show is da bomb!!! It's an edge-off-your-seat, non-stop action. Jack Bauer is THE MAN!!! If he was a real character, I'd vote for him as president (LOL)!

For those who is a fan of the show, ever wonder when he goes for a bathroom break? :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Checking In

I've been sooooo busy these last several days. I ended up working late last Thursday and I was exhausted by the time I got home. Friday, I tried to catch up reading up on the blogs, then left to drive an hour away to my parents' house. I didn't get to their house until 10 pm!

All day Saturday was spent shopping with my brother for his new house. He's closing on a brand new townhome on Monday :). Saturday night, I went with my dad to finally buy a dishwasher. Their dishwasher is probably original to their house (almost 20 years) and hasn't worked in about 10 years! My parents just didn't see the need to have one. But now that they're getting older, they realized the advantage of it.

Today was spent shopping with my brother for his new house again. I then drove back to my house, stopped by the supermarket for some food shopping, cooked for dinner, ate dinner, made some EFL vanilla mouse, did UBWO, made some EFL golden pancakes for the week's breakfast, then ate some of the EFL vanilla mouse. I am literally drained! It's times like these I wish I can clone myself.

Overall, my workout for the week has been great. 6 workout sessions completed! WOOOHOOOO!!!! After Wednesday, my workouts were as follows:

Thursday - LBWO

Friday - SPINNING!!! & ABS

Saturday - No Workout, but spent all day walking

Sunday - Walking ALL DAY, UBWO

First of all, YES!!! I finally made it to the spinning class on Friday. Actually, I didn't make it to the Friday morning one (6:15 am), but to the one during lunch time (11:15 - 11:50 am). Typically, the spinning classes at my gym are 45 minutes long. The class during Friday lunch time is called an "express", which means that it is only 35 minutes. However, it's like all the work in 45 minutes crunched into 35 minutes. So basically, it was a real challenge. Towards the end, I actually felt like I was going to pass out! After the spinning class, they had a ABS class for 15 minutes and that class also kicked my butt! The exercises were a lot different from what I'm used to doing, so it was a great change in routine.

As far as my current BFL challenge, I'm about to enter Week 10. That means there's only 3 weeks to go on this challenge. I am really pumped, but this coming week is going to be a challenge to pull off. I'm on vacation this Thursday & Friday to help my brother paint his house. Then on Saturday, I have an early hairdresser appointment, then a briday shower at noon. After that, it's back to helping my brother with his house. YIKES!!!

Well, I am pooped! I might read up on some blogs, then I'm heading to bed. Night!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday and more snow...

First, the workouts:


NOTHING!!! I was too busy studying for my exam today. I honestly did not have the time.


CARDIO: 20 min. HIIT on the eliptical

Lat Pulldown Machine (wide grip): 55 lbs x 12 reps, 60x10, 65x8, 75x6, 60x12
Rowing Machine (close grip): 35x12
Bench Press (dumbells): 8 lbs x 12 reps, 10x10, 12x8, 15x6, 17.5x6 (extra), 10x12
Incline Bench Press (dumbells): 10x12
Dumbell Lying Tricep Extension: 5x12, 8x10, 10x8, 12x6, 8x12
Dips: 12 reps
Seated Bicep Curl (dumbells): 8x12, 10x10, 12x8, 15x6, 10x12
Angled Bicep Curl (dumbells): 8x12
Shoulder Press (dumbells): 8x12, 10x10, 12x8, 15x6, 10x12
Lateral Raise (dumbells): 8x12 (felt a little easy, may increase next time)


ABS: 2 sets x 12 reps and 1 set x 6 rep of knee ups

(I may do some more abs exercises later...)

Yes, I did an equivalent of 2 workout sessions today, back-to-back, to make up for yesterday's slacking. The highlight is I finally broke the 15 lbs. (dumbell) hurdle for my UBWO. 17.5 lbs!!!! I used 15 lbs. dumbells and attached 2.5 lbs platemates to each one. I am so excited about this! I was going to do the same thing for my shoulder press, but I was EXHAUSTED by that time. Maybe next week :). Next stop, 20 lbs dumbells!


Today is also Ash Wednesday. And I was good today and got my ashes during lunchtime. Thank goodness I remembered not to eat meat! Oh, and I'm giving up swearing for Lent :)

I was watching Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meal and saw her prepare this dish called Sea Scallops with Vermouth. It looked fairly easy to prepare, kind of BFL-friendly, and appropriate for No-Meat-Fridays. I might make the following changes though: 1) Use broth instead of vermouth; 2) Soak scallops in milk for approx. 5 minutes to bring out the sweetness; 3) Serve over rice for a portion of carbs.

I hope sea scallops are BFL-friendly. It is so yummy!

And speaking of Rachel Ray, I love her show and her recipes but sometimes she gets on my nerves! I think her enthusiasm is just way over the top sometimes. When she talks, it's like she's yelling at me or something. I think I prefer her on her earlier episodes when she was a lot calmer.

The weather report is predicting snow AGAIN starting tonight and lasting until tomorrow. Not as much as the 18-20 inches we got 3 weeks ago, but more like 3-5 inches. Unfortunately, it's supposed to turn to freezing rain tomorrow morning, right smack in the middle of rush hour. Just as I was starting to recover (my hands feel better!), it looks like I might be doing some more shoveling. The snow will not be as much (I HOPE!), but it will feel twice as heavy with the freezing rain. Bummer!!!! Luckily, I was able to bring some work home so if it's bad tomorrow morning, I will just work from home and then go to work in the afternoon. In terms of my workout, I will have to see how much shoveling I have to do. I may just do my LBWO in the afternoon.

The good news is I'm done with my exam as of this morning! Yippee!!! The exam wasn't too bad. We were given 75 minutes to complete and I got done in like 35 minutes. I'm not really into this class. I studied for it yesterday but my interest just wasn't there. It's for a certification program, so it's not like a degree where GPA counts. My goal is to get at least a C so my company pays for the class.

Since I have nothing much to do tonight, I am hoping I can go to sleep at a decent time. Who knows, I may be able to get a full 8-hours sleep!