Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm back!

Huge improvement today from yesterday. I feel re-energized! I probably just needed some rest. Made it to the gym first thing in the morning and had a killer workout:


LBWO: BFL style (quad, hams, calves); hip adductor, 3 reps; hip abductor, 3 reps
CARDIO: 30 minutes on the treadmill, alternating between walking on an incline (4.0) and running at 5.5 mph.

I was just going to walk on the treadmill, but a woman got on the treadmill next to mine and started running. It fired up my competitive drive - who would have thought I had it in me? So far, my legs are fine.

I used the leg machines rather than lunges & squats today for my LBWO. I hit my 10's in all the LBWO muscle groups; however, since I haven't used the machines in a long time, my weights were low. For example, for the leg extensions, I only did 12X35lbs, 10X40lbs, 8X45lbs, 6X50lbs, 12X40lbs. I did the exercises really slow to really feel the burn.

Previously, when I was using the leg machines on a regular basis, I started experiencing shin splints, especially as I increased the weights. I then switched to squats & lunges for LBWO. I decided today to re-introduce the leg machines for my LBWO for added variety, and then increase my weights very gradually to avoid injury. At least, that's the plan.

Oh, and I weighed myself today, courtesy of the built-in scale on the treadmill. According to the thing, I weigh 110 lbs - 2 lbs down from 4 weeks ago.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to make it to the 6:15 am spinning class as make up for the class I missed yesterday.


M1: Cinnamon protein pancake
M2: EFL turkey meatloaf, brown rice, steamed spinach
M3: apple, low-fat string cheese
M4: BFL RTD shake
M5: grilled salmon, brown rice, steamed spinach (plan)
M6: EFL pistachio pudding (plan)

Yes, it looks like I may be able to pull off a 6-meals day.

I also had 2 cups of coffee (1 in the morning & 1 in the afternoon). I usually have it with a dash of skim milk & a little bit of splenda. I don't count coffee as a meal. More like a fat-burner. It's cheap, and probably safer.

First of all, I think most Americans are over-taxed as it is. I didn't really pay attention to it until I became a homeowner. I don't know what it's like in other states, but Pennsylvania kills you with taxes! For me, not only do I have to pay state, federal, property, and sales taxes, but I have to pay TWO local taxes - one called earned income tax and one for school tax (this is in addition to the school tax that's already embedded in the property tax).

So, as if we're not taxed enough, some genius people in the PA congress proposed a bill to impose a 6% tax on gym membership! WTF!?! On one hand, the government claims that they're concerned about the growing number of obese people in this country. On the other hand, they have no qualms proposing a bill that would discourage some people from being fit. Stuff like this just pisses me off.

If that bill gets passed, I will definitely cancel my gym membership. Not because I can't afford it, but for the principle of it. Also, I will have to buy my own home gym equipment. I'm lucky that my house has a full finished basement, so space will not be a problem. And, just so the government doesn't get a penny more, I will drive to Delaware (no sales tax!) to buy these gym equipment.

Maybe there's more reason now to get that treadmill....and maybe a Bowflex ;)


Teresa Miranda said...

I would have to agree with the Taxes thing ! WTF? LOL. I could go on and on too but I won't. Bahhhh....

Great workout! Doing a great job!


Kana said...

Hey girl..thanks for the post on my BLOG!! I am sorry I have missed out on yours. are doing really great..eating awesome and having great workouts. Keep it up!! Dede

KatieFeldmom said...

I've been thinking of adding the abductor and adductor machines into my workout. Thanks for posting how you do it. I wasn't sure if I should do it BFL-way or not. I'll give it a try next week.