Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am exhausted!!! I ended up walking all afternoon today at work and didn't go home until 7:30 pm. Because of it, my eating has not been perfect. I ended up making couscous for dinner as my source of carbs. I was planning on making brown rice, but it takes FOREVER to cook - approx. 1 hour with the rice cooker.

Anyways, I checked the nutrition profile of couscous, and it's like 200 calories per serving of 1 cup and 40g of CARBS! YIKES!!! Needless to say, I only ate maybe half a portion and just slightly increased my portions of protein and veggies.

The good news is I made it to the gym this morning for an awesome session of LBWO. Although, I got there a little bit late and wasn't able to squeeze in some cardio. However, I met my goal of doing my LBWO so I am still happy it. The cardio is sort of an extra so I am not too disappointed that it didn't get done.

Tomorrow is cardio-HIIT day. I am planning on going to the 6:15 am spinning class. I have to get up super early and be on my way by 5:30 am.

On that note, I'll be signing off for tonight to catch some ZZZZZZZZs...

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