Monday, January 16, 2006

HIIT Me Baby One More Time!!!

I'm back to running on the treadmill for my HIIT, and it felt grrrreeeeaaaatttt!!! After 2 weeks of not running for HIIT coz of my right knee, today is like coming home! Still no 2 miles in 20 minutes, but I am confident that it is only a matter of time.

I started out stretching, then walking for 5 minutes, then stretching again. After that, it was on to HIIT. I did the 20 minutes HIIT and continued running until 21 minutes, just to get to the 2 mile marker, then continued walking on a high incline until 3 miles. Did more stretching after that, then on to ABS (knee ups, incline bench exercises, medicine ball exercises).

Why so much stretching? Well, when I started running, I had a lot of problems with shin splints. A friend of mine who ran for most of her life suggested A LOT of stretching. She was the one who told me to stretch, walk for 5 minutes, stretch again, run, then stretch afterwards. It worked for me and I've been doing it ever since.

Another thing that helped my shin splints is getting the right shoes. I used to get sneakers the same size as my regular shoes. After researching on the internet, I learned that you should get sneakers that are at least 1/2 size bigger than your regular shoes. Another friend also suggested Asics gel sneakers and I've been lucky enough to have it work for me. It's probably a better idea to actually go to an honest-to-goodness running shoes store where they analyze the way you run and make recommendations. Unfortunately, there's none of that kind around my area.

Moving on....I also went to the GNC today. Got some protein powders in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. AND...I got an awesome deal on the EFL RTD shakes...$2 for a pack of 4...AND...they're not expired!!! I definitely stocked up!

Today, since I'm off for Martin Luther King's Day, I'm cleaning my house top to bottom, do some laundry, and FINALLY put away the Christmas Tree. I'm committed to get all of these done today since my class starts tomorrow.

I wonder how much extra calories all those houseworks burns....

Tonight is the 2nd part of the season premiere of 24! Last night's episode was AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to see the continuation tonight!!!

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