Saturday, January 28, 2006

Runner's High

Today's workout was awesome. Since it's Saturday, I went to the weekend gym. It wasn't as crowded as 2 weeks ago, but it was still too hot in there! Anyways, here goes:


UBWO: BFL style (lats, tri, bi, chest, shoulders)
CARDIO: Treadmill (3 mins walking, 30 minutes running @ 5.7-6.0 mph & 0.5 incline, 2 mins walking)

I didn't think I was going to last with the running, but once I got going, I just wanted to go on and on. First, I wanted to do just up to 20 minutes, then just till' ending of the song "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera on my iPOD, then just to 28 minutes, and before you know it, I was running up to 3.0 miles. It felt so awesome! And to top it all of, no leg pains whatsoever. Yay!!!

Meals were also fairly clean:


M1: Protein shake
M2: Protein bar
M3: baked tilapia, brown rice, steamed spinach
M4: EFL vanilla mouse (1/2 serving)
M5: baked tilapia, brown rice, steamed spinach
M6: EFL vanilla mouse (1/2 serving)

Workout is done for week 4. Tomorrow's a free day for workout, and one free meal.

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Jennifer said...

Great job on a great workout and eating! Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!