Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Injury and Physical Therapy

My training last week sucked...BIG TIME! I only got in a 5-miles run. For the first time, the pain in my leg flaired up. It actually hurt just to walk. So no running at all for about a week. :(

I had my first PT appt. last Friday. All my therapist did was evaluate my leg and told me to do a couple of stretches for my IT band 5x20 seconds, twice a day. His conclusions: really tight IT band, knee tracking a little bit off on the right and a lot off on the left, weak leg muscles esp. the adductor, and some kind of biomechanical imbalance with the way I walk (aggravated when I run long distances of course).

I am falling apart, people! LOL.

After Friday's PT session, I was sooooo sore all weekend! Who knows what a few stretches could do? So I bagged my long run this weekend. Hope it doesn't put much of a crimp to my half marathon training. I did run 13.15 miles the weekend before after all!

My 2nd PT session was last Monday and we did more strength training as well as deeper stretches for my IT band. My leg felt so strong and knees stable afterwards that I actually ran 3.25 (mostly pain-free) miles when I got home, LOL. I could have ran more, but I didn't want to overdo it since I was off for a week.

Bottom line, my therapist didn't forbid me from running. He just said to be careful and we will work on strengthening my legs. :)

I did have to re-evaluate my goals for this upcoming half marathon though. My mantra is now "Fun and Finish". I'll just enjoy the moment and worry about beating a certain time later maybe next year or something. The PT sessions are helping tremendously and we will really get into strength training in the upcoming sessions so we shall see.

I am psyched that there is now a runner's team in BFL tracker. For a time, I felt kind of out of place when I visited the site since most of the posts are geared towards losing weight and training for a figure/bodybuilding competition. Don't get me wrong, both are very worthwhile causes, but you could say my goals just wasn't fitting in. So now, I'm back to posting there on a more regular basis. :)

This weekend is going to be kind of busy for me. Of course, long run in the morning. Then I'm going to my college friend's daughters' b-day party. The little chipmunks are turning 1 and 2 :o). My other college friends will be there as well so I can't wait! Then I'm taking my mom to see "Wicked" in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon.

What else? I'm contemplating a trip to Portugal next year. I used to go to Europe at least once a year, but haven't been able to for the last couple of years. It has just gotten way to expensive to go there, which I think is due to the increase in air fare (gas!) and the increase of Euro to USD. So I'm still thinking about it. It all depends if I can pull it off budget-wise.

That's it! Later!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing like a dirtbag to ruin a good thing

A friend of mine forwarded me this email that she got from another friend of hers.

Note: I changed some details to protect the affected parties. :0)

Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 9:33 PM
To: Bones, Susan
Subject: Woman attacked on Shrieking Shack Trail

Susan~Here's the account of the attack I told you about. Be careful!! Parvati

Hi Everyone - My friend's daughter was attacked yesterday on the Shrieking Shack bike trail. She was jogging in the late afternoon wearing an iPod and a man wearing a mask came up behind her and started hitting her with a heavy stick and trying to drag her off the trail. She fought very very hard and he gave up and ran off. Some other people then came along and called the police and she was taken to the hospital where DNA samples were taken from under her fingernails. Luckily, she is okay. The police also found the stick. But the man is still on the loose so I wanted everyone to be extra careful and vigilant if they go on the trail. I believe the attack occurred in Hogsmeade, past Madam Puddifoot's.

My choice of names asides, this email is for real! Yes my friends...the trail in question is where I do my weekend long runs. In fact, I pass by this specific area all the time! :(

I'm trying not to be upset about it and trying to put things in prospective. The said attack happened on a late Thursday afternoon. Typically, the trail is not as busy on the weekdays especially at this time. I run at peak time (Saturday mornings) and there are tons of people at the trail at all times. There are times where I'm alone, but it's no more than a minute before someone else comes along.

It does bring the message home to always be alert, no matter what. And even though I run at a busy time, I will now be scouring the net for pepper spray.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I think I'm going to be okay...

....for my first half marathon this September!!!

I just ran 13.15 miles yesterday! And I still have over a month to go! I even went well below my goal time for the race, albeit a very conservative goal time. ;-). I had to due to my knee.

The fact that it was a lot less humid helped a lot. I even went over the first five miles without walking or needing to hydrate. I could have gone longer but I have to force myself to take a break and remind myself that it's a long run and I have to take my sports gel. Normally, I have a routine going where for long runs, I take walk breaks every 2.5 miles so I can sip water and/or take my sports gel at the 5-mile markers. But I felt really strong during the beginning of my run that I didn't want to break the rhythm.

Legs are kind of sore today. The knee is the same. But otherwise I feel fine.

Now, if I can only work on speed. I'm thinking good thoughts though. Yesterday's run was on a trail, which was mostly gravel and your feet sinks to the ground quite a bit. And since I didn't need water too much, my hydration pack was almost full till the end.

I also threw in a hill at the final mile. It's up this bridge one way, then on the return route. What was funny was when I was on top of the bridge, I noticed all the other runners around me disappeared. I looked down and realized that there was a path under the bridge that is obviously flat and they were all taking that route. Well, if only I have know....;-D

Here's hoping my knee stays put and I at least finish at a decent time during the race!

Oh, and I hit a breakthrough of sorts in today's morning yoga class! You know when you do the sun salutation, and you go from plank, then down (sort of like a push-up), then upward-facing-dog, then downward-facing dog? Well, I can never do the push-up part without having to put my knees on the floor. Today it finally happened! I did it without having to put my knees down! And it was so effortless, I didn't even realize I was doing it! Yay me! LOL.

Next poses to master - crow pose and wheel pose. Did I mention I suck at yoga? These poses are supposed to come naturally to women, especially the wheel pose. But, not for me. Some things to work on, I guess. But I'll get there! =)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


ITB Tendinitis and Chondromalacia Patella.

I finally went to the orthopedist today and that's what he diagnosed for my knee condition. But, they're fairly mild enough that he's not too concerned at this point. He didn't even recommend an MRI. Although if it does get worse, I probably will have to get one sometime in the future. Anyways, he recommended to continue wearing my neoprene knee brace and to take over-the-counter pain killer if it becomes too bothersome. The naproxen that my family physician prescribed gave me stomach pains, so I stopped taking it after the first time (big waste of $10!).

Oh, and I'm to go to physical therapy 2x/week for 3 weeks. Bottom line, I DO NOT have to stop running! :)

Got my running skirts finally! They fit fine...I think... but it seems you can see the outline of the spankies more. Maybe I gained weight that I now have more junk in the trunk? Or just the color of these two (mangopink and lilacplum) made it more obvious? The first 2 I got (navywhite and choqua) were a lot darker than the 2 new ones. I got them all in size 1 (0-2, XS) and they seem to fit the same way around the waist. Who knows!

Oh...I forgot to mention that I have a big vacation planned later this year. I'm going back to the Philippines to visit relatives! This will be a real incentive for me to be in the best shape since the last time I went, I was traumatized by my relatives when they kept telling me how fat I got. Well, this girl is fat no more!!!!

And while there, we have a small side trip planned, which is why I actually agreed to this whole trip in the first place. More details later, but here are some hints...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A short break

Oh wow! I didn't realize I've been off from blogging for 2 weeks now! I've just been sooooo busy these last couple of week!

First, I'm still running - still training for the half marathon. Although, it has gotten stale lately. Let's just say everybody else seems to be getting faster while I'm still stuck at 10 min/mile pace and it's making me green with envy! I should be just be happy with the fact that I can now run after not thinking I could for years. But now, I guess I'm yearning for something more. It's something I've got to work on I guess.

Today, I was supposed to run my longest run yet - 13 miles. Alas, it wasn't meant to be! Due to the heat and humidity, I was only able to make it to 11 miles. I was still a mile away from my car at that time, but my legs just said ENOUGH! So I walked the remaining mile. I'm not too disappointed though. I did 12 miles a couple of weeks ago and 10 miles several times already. Technically, Hal Higdon's novice half marathon training program only calls for up to 10 miles as the longest training run. Also, I still have about a month and 2 weeks to go so plenty of time to improve. Hopefully, the knees cooperate though.

Speaking of the knee, my x-rays came back negative! My orthopedist appointment is this coming Thursday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing serious and that I can keep on running.

Oh, and is having a sale! 50% off!!! So I bought two - one in lilacplum and another in mangopink. Here's a picture of the mango/pink:

Cute, huh? I'm eagerly awaiting for these skirts to arrive! I already have two - navywhite and chocqua - and I love them! I wore my chocqua one last week and it's so perfect for this hot, humid weather. I'm still not brave enough to wear them on the long runs for fear of chafing between the thighs since it only has spankies underneath. Although, I did wear the navywhite one on my 10-mile race and it was fine. Maybe when it gets cooler. I'll probably wear one for my upcoming half marathon this September and just bring some band-aids just in case, LOL. Crazy, huh? What a woman would do just to look good, LOL.

The last couple of weekends, I've also been helping my brother and his wife with their new house. Last weekend, I helped them paint. They got the house at a real discount, but it was FILTHY and just outdated. However, with just some cleaning, scrubbing, and painting, the house now looks 1oo% better! The previous owners were just pigs and had no taste! The house was just badly painted and it looked like they never cleaned since they moved in!

Supposedly, the previous owner (the guy) had health issues - only in his early 30's and already had kidney transplant. Incidentally, the new kidney is not working and he has to go back for surgery next month. However, his wife is fit and able. I can understand them not being able to do some home improvements, but basic cleaning? Anyways, their realtor stopped by the other day and was shocked at the improvements! He told my brother that he wanted the previous owners to paint, but they just wouldn't. Just by what the realtor saw, which was the living room and dining room, he said he could have sold the house for $30K more!

The house, although small, is really nice and has a lot of potential. The entire floor is hardwood, although the 2nd floor is covered with carpet. I think my brother plans to tear out the carpet and re-finish the floor. There's nothing wrong with the house structurally and all the major utilities are in good working order. Basically, they just need to work on the aesthetics. Also, the location is really great. It's in a very peaceful neighborhood and just a hop and skip away from the city!

Today, we helped them move in their stuff. With the walls all painted, the house clean, and their furnitures all moved in, the house looks really homy and inviting. I'm just so happy to see them all settled in! Especially since they're expecting their first child. Yes, I am going to be an aunt for the very first time!!!!

That's it for now! I'll be checking up on the other blogs for the next couple of days, I promise. :-)