Friday, January 27, 2006

Spinning? What's that?

Okay, I didn't make it to spinning AGAIN! I just couldn't get up early enough. I still made it to the gym this morning, but I had to settle with the stationary bike for my 20 minutes HIIT.


CARDIO: 20 minutes HIIT, 15 minutes moderate intensity on the stairmaster
ABS: crunches on the ball w/ dumbells, leg lifts, pilates

The stationary bike in my gym is retarded. I was cycling my A@@ off, my legs were burning, and I was sweating like a pig. But according to the calories counter on the bike I only burned 80 calories in 20 minutes. HUH?!? Oh well. I felt my 10, and that's all matter.


Well, I had to have a cheat meal today due to work. We had an off-site luncheon at a fancy Chinese restaurant to celebrate a milestone for one of the projects I was involved in.

Coffee with skim milk & splenda (post-workout)
M1: Cinnamon protein pancake
M2 (CHEAT): Egg drop soup, Appetizer (egg roll & rib), Main Entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp, Beef & Brocolli, Sweet & Sour Pork, Lo-Mein, General Tso's Chicken), Dessert (Fruits, Almond Cookies).
M3: EFL Turkey Meatloaf, brown rice, steamed spinach
M4: EFL Vanilla Mouse (plan)

I was so full after lunch that I couldn't eat until dinner time. The food was soooooo good! And I was good too. There were tons of left-overs and we were allowed to take them home, but I didn't.

Oh, and I sat with 2 girls who are both in weight watchers. When I asked if they work out, they were like "Huh?". OKAY.....

Dancing With The Stars (Some Random Thoughts)

Okay, I am such a dork! I voted today on the internet for Drew Lachey. Looks like he's staying, so YAY!

The Pussycat Dolls look soooo awesome. I wonder what workout they do to stay in that great shape?

Man, some of those women wear really skimpy clothes! I wonder how they could dance and keep their clothes on at the same time?

P needs to go!

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