Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Secret to Running a 10-Mile Race - Broad Street RR

Thanks Irene for the reminder! LOL

Short version:

I came, I saw, I conquered!!!!

Clock time: 1:48:23
Chip time: 1:41:43
Ave speed: 10.10 min/mile


Long version:

I was really petrified going into this race. First, I have never ran a race this big. Second, it's my longest race to date.

A couple of days before, I actually bought "The Secret" CD and has been listening to it in my car, LMAO! I actually thought it made sense. The real gist of it is "like attracts like" and you are basically a magnet. So if you want something really bad, you have to want and feel it, take the negative out of your thinking, visualize, act like you already have it, and you will get it. It actually helped me relax before my race. I tried to think about crossing that finish line and finishing the race strong. I have more opinions of "The Secret", both positives & negatives, but I'll talk about that another time

Anyhoo, back to the race...

My dad at first was just going to drop me off by the sports complex subway station, then just pick me up after the race. But, my parents decided to watch the race instead. Anyways, I THOUGHT I got to the subway station at a good time. I didn't realize the ride would take that long! I think I actually got a nice nap during the ride. LOL.

I got to the starting area and decided to make my port-a-potty stop. Holy cow, the lines were crazy! I also noticed how cold and windy it was. I was wearing my running skirt under my pants and I was actually contemplating changing into a pair of shorts that I brought with me. However, I ended up waiting for the port-a-potty in like FOREVER!

I did meet some nice people in the line. I met a couple of guys who were there running the race for the first time. They were by themselves also which made me feel better since it seemed like everyone knew someone there. I also met a woman there who ran it in 2003 and finished at around 2 hours. She was only walking it this year. She assured us that if she can do it, anybody can. She also told us that many people wear their iPods and never got in trouble.

When I got done with the PtP, there was only 10 minutes left and I have yet to check in my gear. Needless to say, I decided to keep my running skirt on due to lack of time and space in the PtP.

I checked in my gear at the designated bus, which was luckily near the 10 min/mile pace line. I quickly lined up with some time to spare. I ended up chatting with a guy who was in Philly to help his daughter move out of her dorm at Temple U., so he decided to run the race also.

I don't remember hearing gun go off. I guess I was too far back, LOL. Next thing I knew, we were all moving forward. It took forever to get to the start line. We were off running and I remember looking ahead and seeing this big sea of runners and the site of City Hall so far ahead! I was totally in awe of the number of participants! Surprisingly, my nervousness was gone and all I felt was exhiliration and gratefulness that I was actually there participating at such a great event!

When we reached the 1-mile mark, I looked at the clock and it said 16-something. WTH! I couldn't have been running that slow. I quickly glanced at my Garmin and noted that it was only around 10 minutes and I then remembered that it took a while to get to the start line.

Around miles 1-5, I remember passing & getting passed by a guy wearing cotton t-shirt & jean shorts. I was just like, what the heck was he thinking? But he eventually passed me for good so he must have been doing something right, LOL. I also remember getting passed by a shirtless guy, guts hanging to infinity. I eventually passed him around mile 4 for good.

I reached City Hall which was just an awesome experience. It felt like such relief to finally reach it after looking at it for approximately 6 miles. I remember my parents saying they would try to be around that area. Surprisingly, I found them at around mile 6.1 and gave my dad a big high-five. Seeing them gave me a big boost.

A little while later, I saw Gov. Ed Rendell giving runners high-fives. The 2 guys right next to me were able to give him high-fives. I guess I was too far away, even though I was only literally a couple of feet from him, LOL.

I reached mile 7 and that's when it hit me that I was actually going to finish and finish strong! My earphones were bothering me at this point so I took it off.

I got to mile 8 and started feeling some cramping in my calves. It wasn't too bad, but I just tried to ignore it. They started playing the Rocky theme which totally pumped me up. At this point, we were around the sports complex and nearing the Navy Yard (finish). The crowd was thick and was just boisterous in cheering us on! When I got to mile 9, I just decided to lay it all out and started passing people.

Finally, THE FINISH!!! WOOHOO!!! I was very happy with my time since my goal was just to finish, and hopefully run it in under 2 hours. The best I've done in practice is 1:47:something, so this was quite an improvement. I felt surprisingly strong after the finish. I honestly could have run another 3.1 miles to make it a half-marathon. Philadelphia Distance Run in September is definite ON!

After the race, I got my food & water. At this point, I was freezing my a$$ off! And it took me forever to find the gear buses. After asking a couple of people, I finally figured it out. I had my cell phone in my bag so I immediately called my parents to find out where they were. Turned out that they decided to wait in the car by the sports complex, so I just took the shuttle to there

Overall, it was an awesome experience! The crowd was just amazing throughout the course - you couldn't ask anymore than that! Honestly, I probably didn't need my iPod after all! Great volunteers too and I highly commend the organizers for keeping everything in order.

Also, I am completely sold on the running skirt! It was flattering, comfy, and stayed down, inspite of the blustery wind. I especially LOVE the 2 big pockets on the sides. More running skirts is definitely in my future!

The only downside was when I got home, I realized my shirt was on BACKWARDS! (LMAO) We got a really good chuckle out of it, but it really wasn't that noticeable. I'm dreading looking at the race photos when they come out. They're going to be my first race photos too!

On a sad note, I just read today that a runner died at the race. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Next up - Komen Race for the Cure this Sunday (Mother's Day). I'm just running this for fun and for a good cause. =)

Till my next race report! ;-)


Irene said...

Awesome race report. Too funny about your skirt! I didn't realize you were running at the Philly event. I know two other people who were running in it. Nice job on your run and fantastic time, too! Congratulations on a wonderful run!

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool skirt too.

Greg said...

Awesome job Chantel! You are my running hero. See? Now I have to try that. 10 miles is such a loooong way to run. :)

Angela said...

That is awesome! I have been a lurker on your site here and there but i never noticed that you lived in the Philadelphia area. Im a philly gal too.

Donna said...

Great job girl! I was excited just reading your post. A running skirt? I had never heard of such a thing. I clicked the link and checked it out, how cute! I think that if I ever get back to running, I'll have to try it out.

Melissa said...

Way to go Chantal!!! Reading your post made me remember my 20k, man I miss that feeling! I'll bet you were so pumped at the end. Great job!
The running skirt looks really cute. Did you wear the one with briefs or with shorts? I'm curious which would be more comfortable....I'm thinking the shorts would be better??
So sad about the guy who died....he was only 29?!!!! You'll have to post what the cause of death was, if/when it's released. Thoughts & prayers go out to his family.

Karla said...

Awesome job!! Look at that time, WTG. So sad to hear about the runner that passed away.

hill climb said...

hah!!! too funny. I put my skirt on backwards the first time I wore it too... the pockets are at the back - but in real life (apparel) I think we're all pretty used to pockets in the front.

Anyways... here's my fave www.skirtgoddess.com - I have both but love their commitment skirt.

Maruchy said...

THANK YOU for your lovely account of your 10 mile race. I will be doing my 2nd 10 miler this weekend and was searching for some words of wisdom in the great wide web and came across YOUR blog. It made my day! Interestingly enough I'd be recently applying the "The Secret" principles to my daily life and my running life so... I think it was just meant to be that I find your blog. I haven't read the book - I've just taken on the "good stuff" I've heard about it and tried to apply it. Anyway, thanks again. Please keep up the good work, you never know who you'll inspire! :) Keep running!