Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow finally!

So far, we had 2 snow episodes. One last Friday and one this morning. Nothing bad, less than an inch each, more like a dusting.

Last Friday was crazy! I deliberately left home late just to make sure the roads are clear of snow or ice. When I went out that morning to take out the garbage, I noticed the snow was sort of like tiny pellets of ice and slightly slippery. So I left, got about 2 miles from my house then practically sat in traffic. I probably spent half an hour driving half a mile until I can get to this road where I can make a detour to another route. Thought I was clear, then hit another wall of traffic. Overall, my 13 miles drive took me over an hour. Thankfully, even though it was late, so was everybody else! When I got to work, my co-worker told me that the all the highways in the area were jammed because of accidents everywhere caused by icy roads. A really unfortunate incident was the turnpike exit near work. I found out that there was a serious car accident where the driver got ejected from his car died. Even though I bitched and moaned about the traffic, I think I got lucky, don't you think?

Today thankfully wasn't too bad. I left at a decent time and traffic was very light. I think the fact that schools opened 2 hours late helped a lot. Also, the snow didn't have that icy quality as last Friday so the roads were in good condition.

Oh shucks, the weather report just gave black ice warning for tomorrow. Bummer!


So here's my workout updates. I know, this is kind of boring. But it helps me be accountable.

I have to admit, I fell from grace. :( Well, here goes.

AM: Treadmill (3 min walking + 0.5 miles running), Leg Strengthening Exercises
Comment: That's right! A pathetic 0.5 miles run! WTF! Well, I woke up late, realized that it's garbage and recycle day so I had to take care of that, and I was exhausted! No energy to go on. My body is probably telling me something, so I listened even though I'm still trying to figure out what.

Supposed to be HIIT cardio and abs. Turned out into a big zilch! Nada! Kaput!
Comment: Snow and traffic totally threw me in a loop! Plus, since I was late I had stuff to do for work. I was so tired to do anything at home that night.

LBWO, Leg Strengthening Exercises, Abs
Comment: Was supposed to be running in the morning, but just procrastinated until it was too late.

Rest day.
Comment: Was planning on making up some cardio, but again procrastinated. :(

Today is a new week. I'm back to semi-normal, but still feels like I'm picking myself up from last week. I'll get back to old form eventually. So for today's workout:
PM1: Elliptical (32 minutes HIIT + 3 minutes MISS), Abs (3x12 knee ups)
PM2: Leg Strengthening Exercises
Comment: Happy about the HIIT but disappointed with abs. Had a lot of work to do so time at the gym was limited. Was planning to do more abs at home but I'm just tired!

I don't know where this tiredness is coming from. Maybe I was doing so much? Or just stress from work and life in general?

Work is busy, plus I'm dealing with some difficult issues with one of my projects. Not fun!

I'm also stressed out about my car since just started making some some noises. It started around the holidays. It would make some rattling noises when I first start it up after it's been sitting for a while. It only lasts for for a minute or so, then it's quiet again. My friend thinks it might just be a loose screw. However, my car has a lot of mileage already so it's time to replace. I've been spoiled having no car payments for years though, so the idea of having a significant chunk of my monthly budget goint to car payments for 5 years is making me nervous. Yeah I can probably afford it, but I'm cheap, LOL. I'm comfortable having money in the bank in case of emergencies. Or *ahem* spontaneous shopping spree. Doesn't that count as an emergency? LOL.

Well, that's all I've got today! Good night!


KatieFeldmom said...

I hear you about the car payments. I loved not having one, but then my car broke and we bought a truck. I hate that monthly bill.

When doing a 32-minute HIIT, are you hitting the high speed more than once, or saving it for the end with an all out run? Does that make sense?

Normally, my HIIT is like this:

I was wanting to add more intervals, but not sure if I should I do the 5,6,7,8,9 interval more than once?

Pamela said...

Glad to see you happy & back at things .. :D having a few "low" days is sometimes as you say..your body saying "whoa"
As to the Car.. I Sooooo hear ya .. My stupid Van just needed about 1000$ worth of brakes & stuff.. & think it's about time to get something new before the repairs start being more than it is worth!
Just the whole back to payments IS a Yucky thought isn't it? ..Shopping is WAY MORE fun!