Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shoes are here!

Wow, that was fast! I ordered the shoes from Zappos on Sunday (see last post) and they're now here! WOOHOO! Zappos just made a new fan out of me! I must say, the shoes are so purrty! Here's a pic:

The shoes actually look a lot better in person. Much more blingy! And they fit me perfectly! In the couple of minutes that I wore them, they seem to be fairly comfortable. Surprising since the heels are so high. But I need all the help I can get, being only 5'1" and all. Anyways, I'll have to try them on some more just to get used to them. Gotta get used to boogying in them, ya know! ;)

I just hope they go with my dress, which is this one:

Let me just say, the dress looks awesome and suits me really well! Very chic and very slimming! My future SIL decided to have the bridesmaids pick a dress style of their choice but in the same color, which is lilac. I think that's pretty smart since everybody's body type is different. Anyways, when I tried this dress on, I got so many complements from the other girls in the dressing room area, which was packed that day. In fact, many of the girls requested the same dress coz it looked so good on me (not to brag or anything, LOL). For a brief moment, I was the center of attention! :0)

Gotta stay in shape and look good in that dress! Perhaps a nice, toned arms? Which brings me to my usual topic...

Today, fitness reigned supreme once again!

AM: Treadmill (3.5 miles @ 5.9-6.1 mph and 1% incline [~35 minutes] + 8 minutes walking for warm-up and cool-down), Leg Strengthening Exercises.

PM: LBWO, Knee Stabilizing Exercise

Eating = CHECK

Water = CHECK

Supplements = CHECK

Running felt really great! Other than the annoying blister on my big toe, legs feel fine. As for the LBWO, I increased my weight settings by 5 lbs on all the exercises. I'm taking baby steps so that the risk of injury is kept at a minimum. Slow and steady wins the race!


KatieFeldmom said...

My future SIL decided to have the bridesmaids pick a dress style of their choice but in the same color, which is lilac.
Very Smart!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Katie said, I sure hope you take pictures and post them for us. I'd love to see you in the dress and shoes. I am too afraid to buy shoes online. I have such a hard time when I go to the stores. Shoes I think are so cute on the shelf either look hideous on me or are absolutely uncomfortable. So glad the shoe thing worked out for you!

Great job on the workout front. Keep it up!

Donna said...

You're going to look so great! I can't wait to see pictures.

Melissa said...

Woweeee! You're going to look gorgeous in that dress and those shoes!!! Yes, we want pictures of you wearing them! :)

KatieFeldmom said...

You've been tagged.

Pamela said...

Great shoes, Great Dress! & gonna be a GREAT lookin YOU! atta girl!

Erin said...

OH, so cute! I'm sure you are going to look amazingly adorable!

I'm so jealous of your tiny little feet! OK, I realize having a hard time finding your size is probably a big pain in the a$$, but at least you can look dainty ;)

fashion said...

I like this color and its my favorite too....I have a pair of josef seibel shoes in this color...iam happy