Saturday, January 13, 2007

I promise... post picture of me in my bridesmaid's dress. Of course, you all have to wait until April. :)

I went to David's Bridal today to try out the dress for the alterations. Man, I really have to make sure I work out and not explode before the wedding. The dress fits just right with hardly any room to move. It's a size 2, but since it's a formal wear it's made smaller than the regular sizes. I only had to get the strap and the length shortened, but other than that everything's fine. And yes, the shoes went really well with the dress.

This week is another successful week with fitness. Since my last post on Tuesday, here's what I did:

AM: Elliptical (20 minutes HIIT + 20 minutes MISS), Abs

AM: Treadmill (Running @ ~6 mph and 1% incline for ~22.5 min [2.25 miles] + ~7 min walking for warm-up and cool-down), Leg Strengthening Exercises
Comment: I woke up late and didn't have enough time on the treadmill. Plus I was really tired.

PM: Elliptical (20 minutes HIIT + 15 minutes MISS), Abs

AM: Treadmill (Running ~5K + 10 minutes walking for warm-up and cool-down), LBWO, Knee Stabilizing Exercises, Abs (4 X 12 Knee-ups), Treadmill (~27 minutes walking)
Comment: Should have run outside. It was nice and warm! But, I saved a lot of time just doing all my workouts at the gym. I went with my mom to her gym. She took FOREVER! The ab workout and 2nd treadmill session was while waiting for her to get all her stuff done.

I should be done for the week. I might go for a walk tomorrow to accompany my dad so he gets some exercise.

Supplement's good. Water's good. Eating on the other hand...Blah!!! That should speak for itself.

Gotta go! Eagles are playing in a couple of minutes.

And I realized I was tagged by both Evelyne and Katie. I'll try to get that done tomorrow.

And don't forget..."24" 2-hours season premiere is tomorrow night!!!!!!

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KatieFeldmom said...

I'm watching the game now.
Good Luck!