Monday, January 15, 2007


Did anybody catch last night's season premiere of 24? Man, I was totally stoked! Sure it's the same premise - Jack Bauer saving the world from the evil terrorist. But it's still an awesome show, full of twists and turns and non-stop adrenaline rush. I cannot wait for the 2nd 2-hours installment tonight!

One thing is for sure - JACK BAUER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! Geez, you would think CTU would learn it by now!

Did anybody recognize the actor playing the reformed terrorist, Assad? I was trying to remember who it was, then it hit me almost at the end of the show. It's Dr. Bashir from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine! Oops, did I just admit my inner nerdyness? ;-)

Next week is going to be tough! 24 and Heroes are both on at the same time! I wish I have TIVO or DirectTV. I may have to figure out how to work my VCD again. It's been a while! SciFi channel does play the new episodes the Monday after at 7 pm, but I don't think I can wait.

Tonight is also the Golden Globe Award show. I don't typically watch these shows, but I'm kind of curious how the movie Dreamgirls do. I hope Jennifer Hudson wins! And I also hope Keifer and 24 racks up some awards!

Also, don't forget, tomorrow is the season premiere of "American Idol"! WOOHOO!


Today, I'm off from work because of Martin Luther King Day. The day-off is great! It's like a post-holiday reprieve, but a couple of weeks later, LOL!

Got my workout done! 20 minutes (pseudo) HIIT on the tready+ 15 minutes walking also on the tready + Leg Strengthening Exercises + Abs. It's the first time I did HIIT on the tready since I had runner's knee before Thanksgiving. I only went up to 6.5 mph for my 10. Cardio-wise, I could have gone higher. However, I didn't want to strain my knees too much, and I was landing on my feet kind of awkwardly throughout the run. Fortunately, my legs feel fine so far (keeping my fingers crossed).

Gotta go! 24 is on!


KatieFeldmom said...

FYI: airs episodes of Heroes online.

Just checking in! :o)

Pamela said...

I wish I understood more of all this TV talk.. but workin in the eves.. I just don't get a chance to see anything enough to be "up" on it all!

Chérie said...

Yay! 24 is back. As are all the good shows. Funny how my fitness routine took the same break television took... I should think how to fix that. Working out while watching TV may not be the best thing for me.