Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UBWO Supersets

Jennifer a.k.a. DreamCatcher asked what supersets are. Keep in mind I'm no expert. I heard my friend talk about this before, but never really read about it until recently. Basically, you choose 2 different exercises per muscle group. You do each exercise 12-16 reps (or whatever you decide) then move on to the next exercise without resting for the same # of reps; hence, making a "superset" ("tri-set" if you do 3 different exercises per muscle group). Once you complete your superset, you rest for about a minute, then you repeat. Here's mine, which I got from about.com (click on the links from previous post):

Chest: Pushups, Chest Press, Chest Flies
Back: Dumbell Row, Dumbell Pullover, Bent over Reverse Flies
Shoulder: Overhead Press, Upright Row, Bent Arm Lateral Raise
Bicep: Bicep Curs, Hammer Curls
Tricep: Dips, Kickbacks

So this was what I did for morning workout. I first ran on the treadmill for a 5-minutes warm-up before doing the UBWO. The verdict? It totally kicked my ass!!! Donna's right - this is a great way to fatigue your muscles. At first, I was apprehensive. But once I started feeling the burn, I was almost in tears! I only did 2 sets of each exercise & only used moderate weights and it was more than enough! This is truly a great option from the pyramid BFL routine, if you're hankering for a change. Definitely a great workout! I made sure to stretch, but I know I'll be paying for it tomorrow! Afterwards in the shower, I can barely lift my arm to soap my armpits (LOL!). My arms felt like noodles!

I hope to improve eventually, maybe advancing to 3 sets for each exercise. Also, next time I want to start at lower weights then increase as I go along.

I also ran outside when I got home from work. It was about 52 F & very windy, but sunny. I ended up running 4 miles!!! Okay, it wasn't totally running. There were some walking breaks, but I was working against 30 mph wind gusts! I felt like I was climbing, even when I'm going downhill! Overall, not too shabby, if I say so myself. I made sure to eat some protein bars an hour before running and there was no ammonia smell afterwards. However, my nose was running so much that I thought I caught a cold! I'm fine now so I think it's from the running. Does anybody experience after an intense running session?



24 was great last night! Who would have thought the president was involved? Jack is still da bomb!

American Idol - eh!!! I think Chris & Katherine did the best. Simon just doesn't understand country! Bucky still needs to go, I don't care if he's "in his element" tonight. He still sucks and if I have to look at that face for another week - uuuggghh!!! Did anybody notice Ace's family? Him and whoever those guys are (brothers?) all look alike. All good looking though, with lovely hair!

Austin, Texas - Teresa, I don't know if you're going to read this post, but I was just watching Rachel Ray on the Food Network and she was doing a show on Austin. I would love to go there! There were so many cool restaurants and interesting artsy places to go to. I think I would enjoy going to that bridge (can't remember the name) at sunset to see the 1.5 million bats. I'm squeamish, but I would do it just for the experience.

Well, I'm beat and I want to catch the spinning class tomorrow morning at 6:15 am. Of course, I'll probably end up surfing blogland some more before I go to bed. Anyways, hope everybody have a good night!


Jess said...

I could be totally wrong on this -- but I thought supersets were when you worked opposing muscle groups without resting between. So you'd do a set of bicep curls and then, with no rest, a set of triceps presses, and back and forth.

Regardless, your workout looks like it kicks ass!

And I can't speak for Teresa, but I've been to Austin and I LOVE it there. If you go, make sure you go see the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn. It's almost religious, lol.

Donna said...

You can do supersets either way, same muscle group or opposing, it doesn't matter, it's all called supersetting. Drop sets are great too. Doing 12-15 reps of one weight and then dropping to a lower weight until you can't do it anymore. Another great way of fatiguing the muscles.

I totally agree with you on American Idol, those 2 are my favs too. And Bucky, yuck! He'd better go tonight.

I've been to Austin a few times, but it's been a long, long time. When I was in my last year of high school and my first couple years of college, I had a boyfriend who went to the University of Texas in Austin and I went like 3 times a year to visit. We always had a blast! What a school!

You're so much better than me, running outside. I still haven't gotten there. It actually snowed here last night, blah!

Mari said...

Wow girl sounds like an awesome work out. That's great that you got 4 miles in after all that.

Melissa said...

American Idol- thought the same thing. I think Chris should win it, and Katherine's pretty damn good too. Why Bucky is still there is beyond me.

24- The freakin prez?? I about fell off my rocker. I thought he was too big of a pussy that needed everyone's help with decision making. Definitely didn't think he had the brains for something this big.

Nose running while running- ALWAYS! I swear one of these times I'm gonna give a big farmer's blow into my glove...it's like a running faucet! sniffle, sniffle

Those supersets sound pretty tough, I plan on mixing up my lifting routine next week, just may have to try it. I like doing drop-sets like Donna mentioned. Gives a great burn.

Jennifer said...

All I can say is...Owwww, owwwww, owwww! I may try that...NOT! j/k..maybe in a few weeks though! Sounds like you've had some killer workouts girl! Keep up the great job!