Monday, April 03, 2006

4-Weeks Mini Challenge #1

So I decided to shake up my workout a bit. It's not going to be too different from BFL. I'm still going to continue 3 days of HIIT & the UBWO-LBWO schedule. However, I am doing supersets for UBWO & LBWO per the routines I found in

UBWO Supersets

LBWO Supersets

I'm still going to make sure I hit my 10s on all the body parts. I'm going to try this routine for 4 weeks and see how it goes.

So far, today started out great! Woke up early & headed to the gym for cardio: 5 minutes walking warm-up + 20 minutes HIIT on the treadmill (2 miles in 19:57 minutes) + 5 minutes walking cool-down. Cardio was then followed by 3 sets of the Ab Bootcamp.

I so wished I could run outside after work. Unfortunately, it's been raining on & off all day. I'm hoping tomorrow is going to be better. The time change has really helped since it's still light out at a later time.


I'm watching "24" right now. So far it's been good! The plot thickens!!! You never know what's going to happen from one minute to the next.

While waiting for "24" to come on, I discovered this new show on the Travel Channel called 5takes. It's about 5 young people travelling together (this season it's in the Pacific Rim) and they only have $50 a day to spend. This week they're at Sidney. I actually like this show. It's like Road Rules without the drama, so you actually appreciate the sights & the culture more. Their next destinations and also their activities are determined by viewers suggestions/votes on the internet. The show comes on every Monday at 8pm on the Discovery Channel. So while waiting for "24", this is a good show to watch to pass the time.


Here's a new toy I just got :)


Jess said...

Glad you had a great day! And two miles in under 20 minutes -- WOOHOOO! I still can't do that. :o/ Way to go!

Cool phone, too!

Supergirl said...

Oooh, love my new razor too. Cool on the supersets, will probably be a nice change. :)

Melissa said...

Be sure to let us know how the supersets go!! I watch 24 also, religiously. I've already posted twice today but tomorrow I plan on another adding another list of Jack Bauer facts... :) Great job on HIIT!!

Jennifer said...

I wanna know what supersets are! have to explain that for us basic people...or am I the only one? Great job on the cardio!

Donna said...

Hey, that's my phone! Of course I just realized that I forgot my purse at home with my phone in it and I'm trying to figure out if I need it or not. Great job on your workout! Supersetting is a great way to fatigue the muscles, good luck!

Donna said...

FYI, I feel whole again, my hubby just came and delivered my purse to me. Gotta love him!

Chérie said...

Oh, no. Another new show to start watching. It sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

A few weeks ago on 24, I saw Curtis Manning using my new phone. I felt cool.

Christie said...

Hey girl, I can't wait to see how the supersets work out for ya...keep us posted...and now I have Phone Envy...