Sunday, February 12, 2006


And we got A LOT of it. It was predicted to be 8-12", but I swear it was more like 2 feet. I started shoveling at 9:30am and didn't get in until 1:45pm. Thank God my neighbors helped me out once they were done with their driveway, or I would have been out there until night time.

I feel like I more than made up for the 5 days of missed workout this week! My whole body is sore! I've been stretching all day just so I don't stiffen up. But, the best part is no abdominal pains! I think I'm going back to running tomorrow. I figured if today's activities didn't trigger any attack, then running shouldn't also. I might take it easy in the beginning and build up the intensity as I go along.

One thing though that annoys me with winter storms is the television reporters, especially the weather people. I swear, they're almost orgasmic in their joy! I'm dreading all the snow shoveling and they're all in glee. It's really aggravating.

Gotta go and get some sleep. Till' tomorrow...

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