Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring is in the air

I can feel it....

The days have been longer, the weather has been decent. It's still chilly, but it hasn't been as bad. Actually, this coming Friday & Saturday is supposed to be in the upper 60's, maybe even 70's! I cannot wait!!!


Today around lunchtime, I went to the mall to do some shopping. I'm in desperate need of pants that actually fit & decent tops, specifically to wear for work. Some of the pants that I have are too big and the tops are either too big or too old. Anyways, the choice of clothing was just a disappointed. I must have missed the end-of-season sales because all the clothes available are for summer. It's not that warm yet, people! I just can't get into the warm weather clothing yet. Most of the pants were capris, and it's definitely not work appropriate. There were some dress pants that I liked, but they were just too expensive. Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend.

Fortunately, a good thing did come out of this whole shopping session. I went to Gap looking around and decided to finally try on some size 2 jeans. And guess what....THEY FIT!!!! And it's not like squeezing into it, looking like a muffin top. It actually fit comfortably, like you can sit without being afraid of popping a thread. There was one pair of jeans that didn't fit, and it was the ultra low rise Curvy which sits right around the butt crack. I swear, they make those for people without hips. Oh well!!! I was happy all the same. I actually bought a pair - sits just below the waist & flare cut. Really cute and very slimming! I only have one other pair of flare jeans and it's a size 6. It's loose, but I wear a belt and it looks okay. My mom has been covetting these jeans in like forever. I told her I'll give it to her once I replace it with another flare jeans. Well, guess she'll be getting a new pair of jeans the next time I see her :).

Oh, and my new pair of jeans...on sale for $29.99...and just the right length (a big deal for someone who's 5'1)! Not too shabby!


Today's workout was awesome! Made it to the gym first thing in the morning and did a kick-ass LBWO, followed by 30 minutes brisk walk on the treadmill at 3.5-3.8 mph & 3.5-5.0 incline. Go me!!!

Tomorrow is another attempt at making it to the 6:15 am spinning class. Otherwise, it's another boring HIIT on the stationary bike.

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Miss Fit said...

Congratulations on the size 2 jeans! What an awesome feeling (not that I would know what it's like to wear a size 2, but I can imagine... and dream!).

Keep up the inspiring work!

xo, Rachel