Sunday, March 05, 2006

Checking In

I've been sooooo busy these last several days. I ended up working late last Thursday and I was exhausted by the time I got home. Friday, I tried to catch up reading up on the blogs, then left to drive an hour away to my parents' house. I didn't get to their house until 10 pm!

All day Saturday was spent shopping with my brother for his new house. He's closing on a brand new townhome on Monday :). Saturday night, I went with my dad to finally buy a dishwasher. Their dishwasher is probably original to their house (almost 20 years) and hasn't worked in about 10 years! My parents just didn't see the need to have one. But now that they're getting older, they realized the advantage of it.

Today was spent shopping with my brother for his new house again. I then drove back to my house, stopped by the supermarket for some food shopping, cooked for dinner, ate dinner, made some EFL vanilla mouse, did UBWO, made some EFL golden pancakes for the week's breakfast, then ate some of the EFL vanilla mouse. I am literally drained! It's times like these I wish I can clone myself.

Overall, my workout for the week has been great. 6 workout sessions completed! WOOOHOOOO!!!! After Wednesday, my workouts were as follows:

Thursday - LBWO

Friday - SPINNING!!! & ABS

Saturday - No Workout, but spent all day walking

Sunday - Walking ALL DAY, UBWO

First of all, YES!!! I finally made it to the spinning class on Friday. Actually, I didn't make it to the Friday morning one (6:15 am), but to the one during lunch time (11:15 - 11:50 am). Typically, the spinning classes at my gym are 45 minutes long. The class during Friday lunch time is called an "express", which means that it is only 35 minutes. However, it's like all the work in 45 minutes crunched into 35 minutes. So basically, it was a real challenge. Towards the end, I actually felt like I was going to pass out! After the spinning class, they had a ABS class for 15 minutes and that class also kicked my butt! The exercises were a lot different from what I'm used to doing, so it was a great change in routine.

As far as my current BFL challenge, I'm about to enter Week 10. That means there's only 3 weeks to go on this challenge. I am really pumped, but this coming week is going to be a challenge to pull off. I'm on vacation this Thursday & Friday to help my brother paint his house. Then on Saturday, I have an early hairdresser appointment, then a briday shower at noon. After that, it's back to helping my brother with his house. YIKES!!!

Well, I am pooped! I might read up on some blogs, then I'm heading to bed. Night!!!!


Teresa Miranda said...

Hey your gonna get a great workout painting that house. But your upcoming schedule sounds fun and tiring lol. Your gonna do great. Get some rest! ;-)


Supergirl said...

I hear ya on the clone thing!!!