Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And the banana saga continues on

Check out the BFL Guestbook (may have to scroll through several pages - it was going on this morning). Looks like banana's reputation is being dragged in the mud again (LOL). And wouldn't you know, Mike Harris is in the thick of things. I'm not bashing him or anything - he does have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to BFL. I just have to laugh! Anyways, I just have to say "LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE!". We're talking about bananas here for cripes sake! Okay, so bananas have higher calories compared to other fruits such as apples. However, it is rich in nutrients, therefore good for you. You don't see fat monkeys around, do you? And they eat bananas 24/7! Eating one a day shouldn't kill you or hamper your progress.


Workout today was great. I made it to spinning class this morning! YIPEE!!! The instructor, who we affectionally nicknamed "Pain with Pat", had us doing mostly climbing (both standing and sitting) and lots & lots of jumps. At the end of the class when my legs already felt like lead, she had us do a session of speed work. I was like "Are you kidding me?" Thankfully, I made it, but barely. My legs are definitely feeling it. Spinning class was then followed by ab workout.

I also did some Ashtanga Yoga at home. I bought this beginner's Ashtanga Yoga DVD a while ago that I forgot about and wanted to finally try it. I got a really good workout out of it. I used to be good at it, but now I suck! I can't even keep my legs straight on some of the poses. I hope that with practice, I can get back that flexibility I used to have.


Supergirl said...

Hmmm yoga, must get back into that too.

Frickin' bananas....that reminds me, gotta pick some up. :)

KatieFeldmom said...

Bananas! Love my bananas!
Great job on the workouts!
You are doing so awesome!

Miss Fit said...

Oh Lord, the banana saga... I gotta laugh, too. At least people are passionate about it. =)

My gym is now offering a Road Rage class on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6 am. I think it's probably similar to spinning. I think I'll give it a try tomorrow after my UB workout. Thanks for the inspiration!

The only yoga I've tried is Power Yoga and it's a challenge. I want some relaxing yoga.

Keep up the good work. Think I'm gonna go eat a banana. Yum!

xo, Rachel

chantal2bfit said...

Thanks for the complements!

Rachel - I've never heard of a cycle class termed as "Road Rage". That's too cool!

I used to do yoga all the time - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Hatha or Hot Yoga - you name it! I've never been as good as those yogis that can bend their legs backwards and over their heads while balancing on their hands (don't even know if such a pose exists - LOL!), but I really love the flexibility I achieved.