Thursday, March 23, 2006

A not so good week

This week has just been blah! Workout has been crap! Of all the weeks for it to happen, it has to happen on week 12 of my challenge. Talk about self-sabotage. Surprisingly, eating hasn't been too bad. Not perfect, but at least there was no bingeing.

Last week, I was able to complete my 6 planned workout. I missed Saturday's UBWO but made it up on Sunday, which was supposed to be free day. I also did 37 minutes of MISS on the treadmill. Overall, not too bad.

This week's workouts were the pits:

  • 15 minutes HIIT running on the treadmill. Knee started acting up, so I stopped at minute 15 to stretch, walked, then started running at minute 20. I was so pissed for not completing the 20 minutes HIIT that I ran until I got a total of 3 miles (~32 minutes).
  • Abs (med. ball, pilates, knee-ups)

Tuesday: No Workout

Wednesday: No Workout

Today (Afternoon Workout):

  • 20 minutes HIIT on the eliptical (310 calories)
  • UBWO
  • Abs (med. ball, pilates, knee-ups)

Today (Nighttime while waiting for my salmon to cook):

  • 20 minutes yoga
Tuesday & Wednesday were just my lazy days. No excuse. Just LAZY! I was soooo lazy I didn't update my blog, nor check out other people's blogs. I was able to check the tracker a couple of times, but that's about it. I think going to my parents place 2 weekends in a row just ruined my routine. Unfortunately, I might go back this coming weekend for their anniversary.

All might not lost this week though. If I can do HIIT tomorrow, LWBO on Saturday, & UBWO on Sunday, I should be okay.


Jess said...

We're having a similar week, except that you have worked out AT ALL! :P

Hey -- you're only like 100 miles away. We should get together!

Kana said...

Yep...must be in the air. Me too (similar week!). will get back on track!! I know must need some rest...that's it!! :)

Donna said...

Hey, we all have weeks like that. I just don't feel motivated some weeks and then all of a sudden it's back, just like that.

Greg said...

Don't sweat it! I took Wednesday off. I figured I did the precor eliptical at such a high level it worked as my leg workout.(well that's my excuse :)Congrats on getting to your twelve weeks, I think that is awesome!

Stef said...

Hang in there girl! Its for life, not just 12 weeks...I'm trying to remind myself of that too!

Stef :-)

Jennifer said...

I know it gets tough, but stay with it! You can do it!