Monday, March 13, 2006

Note to self...

...get workout done FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!!!

Today, I decided not to leave the house at the crack of dawn due to severe fogging. I planned on doing my cardio HIIT around 10 am. Well, 9:30am comes around and I ended up having to take care of something that needed to get done by the end of today! So basically, my day was shot workout wise. I had to do some creative planning. I ended up switching today to UBWO and did it at home while watching "24" (9:00 pm!!!). I was peeved having to change my plan, but I'm proud of myself for getting it done regardless.


I came home last night from helping my brother paint his new house. I love painting, but I'm glad to be home. I can only do so much and it was just exhausting! My workouts while I was over there wasn't too bad. I only missed one workout (Saturday - LBWO). Hope all those painting and running errands made up for it though :)

Eating wasn't great. There was just too much temptation over there, and I was too weak to resist. Oh well. I'm at home turf now and I'm in control.

Last Friday, I went to this all women's gym by my parent's house (FYI - my brother bought in the same town, approx. 10 minutes away). This is the gym I typically go to while I'm there. While doing HIIT on the eliptical, I noticed there was this fairly attractive woman and a photographer going around the gym. The woman was kind of posing on some of the machines and doing some exercises (using some very light weights) and the photographer would take pictures of her. There I was, looking red in the face, huffing & puffing, all sweaty, and hair all over the place, and I swear I was probably in the line of sight on some of those pictures. I'm not sure what they're using the pictures for, but it better not be for some kind of gym promotion. I'm praying that the camera is digital and they can edit me out (LOL)! I looked HORRIBLE! The best part was right after my 20 minutes HIIT and went to the stairmaster to do my extra 10 minutes MISS cardio. I wasn't used to the machine and it took me a while to figure out how to operate it. But while doing so, and looking like a fool at the same time, there they were right in front of me taking pictures (LOL)! I would die if I see one of those pictures with me in the background. If that happens, I'll deny that it's me (LOL)!


I'm hoping I can make it to the gym first thing tomorrow morning, so I'm signing off to get some much needed sleep...

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