Monday, March 06, 2006


Today is HIIT day and I RAN!!! And get this, I ran 2.0 miles in 19:52 minutes! WOOOHOOO! I ran until 20 minutes and got about 2.01 miles total running. This was done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Before HIIT, I walked on an incline 2.5%/3.8mph for 5 minutes (~.31 miles). After HIIT, I cooled down for 5 more minutes at 2.5%/3.8 mph (~.31 miles). I then proceeded to do 2 sets of Abs Bootcamp. I usually do 3 sets, but I ran out of time. I might do another set later if I have the time.

Does anybody watch other people at the gym and gauge their own performance on how other people do? Well, I do! There were 2 girls specifically that I was paying attention to. First, there was a girl that was already running on the treadmill next to mine when I got on. The last time I saw her running (~2-3 weeks ago), she was running 6.0 mph steady-state. I found that impressive as it is. Now she's up to 7.0 mph!

Then, there was another girl who was on the treadmill on the other side of the one next to mine. I didn't see how fast she was running, but she was FAST like an energizer bunny. She's a very attractive, blonde, skinny thing, and she's one of those you just know fitness comes easy to (ie: athletic, naturally skinny, etc.). Anyways, while running, she took off her t-shirt and she was wearing this cute, tight, fitness tank top. She was also wearing these really short running shorts (one that I probably wouldn't have the nerve to wear). The whole scenario reminded me of Pink's "Stupid Girls" video from Christie's blog, minus the big boobs & the cute trainer. And of course, I managed to keep my pants on :).

Anyways, I used these 2 women to push me through with my running. I may not be a natural runner, but I can sure try and do the best that I can. Hopefully, with practice (and if my knees hold up), I can be right along with them.


Another thing happened at the gym, but this time in the locker room. There I was minding my own business. I usually go in, work out, shower, get ready, then leave to go back to work. Some people spend a lot more time there primping & socializing. I have nothing against that. I figured people have a right to do what they want. Anyways, the women were talking and this one girl was talking about, I believe, her nipple ring! Apparently, she had one and she ended up in the emergency room. It got all infected and looked like it was shredded. Really gross!!! It's not something I want to hear, especially first thing in the morning!


An Embarassing Thing

So I was at my desk. The document I am currently working on is in audit so I had some downtime. What did I do? I surfed the net. And of course, I found myself in tracker. Well, I just happened to click on someone's profile. I can't remember who it was, but it was a woman and her progress was incredible! One of her picture has her wearing a bright orange bikini. Well, it just so happened that our secretary was walking outside our office, and I guess the orange bikini stood out. She just had to laughingly (and loudly) make a comment about it. I just brushed it off and just said that it was some random thing that I just happened to click into.

Anyways, this raises another point. Maybe I should make a request to tracker webbie to have people stop posting their pictures. You know, just in case other people find it offensive..... ;)


Tonight is 2 hours of 24!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!! I'm a big fan of this show and I am excited! This show is da bomb!!! It's an edge-off-your-seat, non-stop action. Jack Bauer is THE MAN!!! If he was a real character, I'd vote for him as president (LOL)!

For those who is a fan of the show, ever wonder when he goes for a bathroom break? :)


Kana said...

WOOOO HOOO GIRL!! Way to go on your run. Yeah..I am totally picturing that Pink video! WAY TO GO...I am soooooo proud of you :P As for the nipple ring...uh, I had one about 10 years ago, and hearing that story made me want to take some pain meds!! EEEKKKK....yeah..a little rough first thing in the a.m. Keep up your ASS KICKIN'!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Great job on your personal best! You know, since the readout on our treadmill doesn't work, I have no idea how fast or how far I go...but I do know that I haven't reached 2 miles!

Miss Fit said...

Congrats on your personal best running! I totally watch what other people are doing at the gym - especially on the treadmill. It always pushes me harder.

Once I was opening my email and our accounting manager needed something from my office. She walked up behind me just as one of those porno emails with the graphic photos popped up on my screen. I thought I'd die of embarassment. She probably thinks I'm a total perve. Thankfully we now have spam blocker. I'm always afraid of checking out people's tracker profiles at work and having my browser and computer lock up on me...

Orange bikini? I bet it was Lori (Sweet Emotion). She's so amazing.

Keep up the good work!

Mari said...

Congrats on the run. I was laughing at the Pink video comment. People around me sometimes push me harder too.

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