Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Injury and Physical Therapy

My training last week sucked...BIG TIME! I only got in a 5-miles run. For the first time, the pain in my leg flaired up. It actually hurt just to walk. So no running at all for about a week. :(

I had my first PT appt. last Friday. All my therapist did was evaluate my leg and told me to do a couple of stretches for my IT band 5x20 seconds, twice a day. His conclusions: really tight IT band, knee tracking a little bit off on the right and a lot off on the left, weak leg muscles esp. the adductor, and some kind of biomechanical imbalance with the way I walk (aggravated when I run long distances of course).

I am falling apart, people! LOL.

After Friday's PT session, I was sooooo sore all weekend! Who knows what a few stretches could do? So I bagged my long run this weekend. Hope it doesn't put much of a crimp to my half marathon training. I did run 13.15 miles the weekend before after all!

My 2nd PT session was last Monday and we did more strength training as well as deeper stretches for my IT band. My leg felt so strong and knees stable afterwards that I actually ran 3.25 (mostly pain-free) miles when I got home, LOL. I could have ran more, but I didn't want to overdo it since I was off for a week.

Bottom line, my therapist didn't forbid me from running. He just said to be careful and we will work on strengthening my legs. :)

I did have to re-evaluate my goals for this upcoming half marathon though. My mantra is now "Fun and Finish". I'll just enjoy the moment and worry about beating a certain time later maybe next year or something. The PT sessions are helping tremendously and we will really get into strength training in the upcoming sessions so we shall see.

I am psyched that there is now a runner's team in BFL tracker. For a time, I felt kind of out of place when I visited the site since most of the posts are geared towards losing weight and training for a figure/bodybuilding competition. Don't get me wrong, both are very worthwhile causes, but you could say my goals just wasn't fitting in. So now, I'm back to posting there on a more regular basis. :)

This weekend is going to be kind of busy for me. Of course, long run in the morning. Then I'm going to my college friend's daughters' b-day party. The little chipmunks are turning 1 and 2 :o). My other college friends will be there as well so I can't wait! Then I'm taking my mom to see "Wicked" in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon.

What else? I'm contemplating a trip to Portugal next year. I used to go to Europe at least once a year, but haven't been able to for the last couple of years. It has just gotten way to expensive to go there, which I think is due to the increase in air fare (gas!) and the increase of Euro to USD. So I'm still thinking about it. It all depends if I can pull it off budget-wise.

That's it! Later!


Jon said...

Injuries really suck. I had ITBS before and it took a month of no running to heal. It was a bad injury for me. The pain was awful so I know how you feel. Hope you feel 100% soon.


Jen said...

Good luck nursing yourself back to health. You've done it before so I know you'll do it again. Take good care - Jen

Laurie said...

Sending happy healthy thoughts your way. My hubby gets IT band issues (usually his first sign that he needs new shoes) so I know from living with the king of the ice pack that it can suck. And to answer your comment - No, and not just no, but hell no will I be joining him going up Pikes Peak next year - that's just crazy talk :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, sending those healthy vibes your way!!! That's great that Tracker has a runner's team now!
Have fun at the birthday party.
How nice, hope you are able to go to Portugal. We're gonna need pics, okay? I gotta travel through someone!

doidle said...

Hey Chantal,

I just hate those leg injuries. You're right, take some time off. Girl, if you've already done the 13 miles, you'll have NO problem. Portugal would be awesome!

When is your half?

havlow said...

Chantal...sorry to hear about your injury. Strangely I just learned how to run properly today so I'm hoping to avoid more in the future. Hopefully the PT will get you back on your game soon!

Irene said...

The good thing is the physical therapy. It's amazing how it can help. I think you'll be okay in time for your half marathon.

Take care!