Thursday, August 09, 2007


ITB Tendinitis and Chondromalacia Patella.

I finally went to the orthopedist today and that's what he diagnosed for my knee condition. But, they're fairly mild enough that he's not too concerned at this point. He didn't even recommend an MRI. Although if it does get worse, I probably will have to get one sometime in the future. Anyways, he recommended to continue wearing my neoprene knee brace and to take over-the-counter pain killer if it becomes too bothersome. The naproxen that my family physician prescribed gave me stomach pains, so I stopped taking it after the first time (big waste of $10!).

Oh, and I'm to go to physical therapy 2x/week for 3 weeks. Bottom line, I DO NOT have to stop running! :)

Got my running skirts finally! They fit fine...I think... but it seems you can see the outline of the spankies more. Maybe I gained weight that I now have more junk in the trunk? Or just the color of these two (mangopink and lilacplum) made it more obvious? The first 2 I got (navywhite and choqua) were a lot darker than the 2 new ones. I got them all in size 1 (0-2, XS) and they seem to fit the same way around the waist. Who knows!

Oh...I forgot to mention that I have a big vacation planned later this year. I'm going back to the Philippines to visit relatives! This will be a real incentive for me to be in the best shape since the last time I went, I was traumatized by my relatives when they kept telling me how fat I got. Well, this girl is fat no more!!!!

And while there, we have a small side trip planned, which is why I actually agreed to this whole trip in the first place. More details later, but here are some hints...


KatieFeldmom said...

OOOOOWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE, China!!!!!! COOL!!!!! That is a trip of a lifetime ..... I can't wait to go one day too!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found out about the knee and so glad you don't have to stop running.

Oh, how cool, China. Take lots of pictures for us.

doidle said...

OMG, China, how cooool!! And how wonderful you can show your relatives how great you look.

I'm glad you don't have to stop running. I just HATE injuries.

Irene said...

I had to exchange one of my running skirts because they accidentally sent me a teen size! I though it was me! Just to be safe, check the little tag on the inside of the skirt part to make sure it has a "1" on it. I wear the same size as you do and I (also recently) put on a few extra pounds, so all of my running shorts and skirts don't fit as well as they should, especially around the tummy. I'm working on that. BTW, I love the lilac-plum combination, I have it, too.

I'm so envious of your vacation plans!

I'm also glad to hear your injuries aren't so bad that you have to stop running. Physical therapy will be great! I'd love to hear about what kind of things they have you do.

Eileen said...

Side trip, eh? Cool. Very cool.

My Dutch BIL works in China right now. He loves it. He's doing an internship there and has another year.

I think your relatives in the Phillipines will be impressed this visit. No worries aout fat comments this time around.