Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crazy thoughts

I'm thinking of hiring Tony's services. Just to see if it would make a difference. He seems to be doing wonders for a lot of people.

I've still been consistent with my workouts, but I need an extra oomph. I'm not looking to compete in figure or bodybuilding, but I want to get achieve that great shape that I can't seem to get to. I'm not looking to get even more skinner or anything. I just want to change the shape of my body. Right now, I'm just this straight skinny log. I want some shape in my arms and legs and a six-pack. All those good stuff.

However, I still want to keep going with the running and half marathon plans. I wonder if he
could customize a plan to incorporate those, or is he going to make me give it up?

I'm still running, but had to lower my mileage this week. One, because I have a 5K race tomorrow night. And two, because my knees have been feeling wonky these past couple of weeks. It's not bad, and after a session of yoga last night, it actually feels better. I've been diligently wearing my knee bands for every runs, doing tons of leg/knee strengthening exercises, and those seems to help a lot.

If the thought of hiring Tony is not crazy enough, I'm tentatively planning on running three...and I repeat, THREE, back-to-back half marathons this year. One in September, one in October, and one in November.

The Philly Distance Run in September and the Philadelphia Marathon (doing the half) in November are already planned. BUT, I'm going to the Philippines for 3 weeks around Oct-Nov timeframe, coming back in November the week before the Philadelphia Marathon. I still plan to get some long runs in during my vacations (God help me!), but I found out that there's the Atlantic City Marathon (with a half) in October, before I leave for vacation. Since I have to maintain my half marathon base between the two Philadelphia halfs, why not do a training race in between? Does that make sense, or is it too much?

Oh, did I mention a possible 10-miler race in August? This one will be by the beach (Sea Isle City, NJ), but I'm leaning towards NOT doing it. The course is like on the boardwalk for the first couple of miles, then the beach for the rest of it. I have never run on the beach and I heard that it's a challenge running on sand. But I was told by someone who ran it last year that the majority of the "beach" run is actually on packed sand near the water during low tide, so it's not bad. The only loose sand running is the transition from boardwalk to the packed sand. This is not a done deal yet, just one more crazy thoughts running in my head. :-)

That's it for now. Oh, and expect a race report of tomorrow's 5K soon! Even if I suck like I did on my last 5K, all the gory details will be here! Hope you're all not sick of me talking about running and my race reports, but it is part of me. :-)


Eileen said...

Funny how you titled it Crazy Thoughts, because that's how I thought of the whole Tony thing to when I first considered it.

I'm impressed at all your running stuff...I am trying to get to where I can run even ONE mile at a time!

And wonky...one of my most favorite words!

KatieFeldmom said...

Yes, I think you are crazy for running all of that. But it's a good crazy. You are such an inspiration. WOWSERS!!! I tried running on the beach and it was fine down in the low area, but definitely not cool in the unpacked stuff.

After only being with Tony for 30 days, I have definitely noticed a difference .... not just appearance-wise, but my head changed too.

Good Luck on all your decisions and I hope your knees feel better soon.

Irene said...

Awesome goals!

If your running base is established, and it looks like it is very established, the back to back to back half marathons shouldn't be too much of a strain for you. Yes, it's work, and you need to put in the trainging (and you are) but it looks like you have plenty of recoup time between each one.

It would be interesting to see what Tony thinks about the long distance running. Usually (but not always) intense weight training and long distance running don't really mix. There are some incredible people who can do both, though. You're alredy in awesome shape, I can only imagine what being under Tony's instruction can do for you!

Good luck with everything!

Angela said...

I would definitely look into it and see what he says. Im sure he deals with runners all the time. He is wonderful and i think you should give it a shot...He is the man!

Laurie said...

That's very cool - the running and Tony, and like everyone else talk to Tony and see what he says, but I know he works with a lot of athletes (not just body building types), so I'm sure he's got different plans depending on your goals.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Chantal!

Donna said...

Hey Chantal! Thanks for asking about my leg. I'm almost scared to say this out loud, but, I've run on it a couple of times now and it hasn't hurt. No long runs or anything, but 1.25 mi. yesterday in between my other cardio and then I did some sprinting this morning along with my weights. 30 sec. sprints, 60 sec. walk, and again, no pain. I won't run later on today with my cardio, but probably tomorrow if all goes well.

Pamela said...

Yep katie got it right that is a a CRAZY lot of runnning...I'm still jealous thou' ~lol~