Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day Recap

My 4th of July holiday went well! We just had a small get-together at my brother's house and my mom ordered some food from the local caterer. Very low key, very relaxing, and exactly what we busy people needed!

I was supposed to run on a 5K that morning. Woke up early, got ready, and as soon as I walked out the house, I turned back around. It was raining hard and it was cold! Just didn't feel like running outside at that point. So I waited until the rain stopped and headed out. I went to a local park and set off to run a 5K on my own. I felt great throughout my run and completed the distance at 28:50, which is exactly my 5K PR on a race! Now I'm sort of kicking myself for not doing the race because I usually do A LOT better on races. To add salt to injury, the rain stopped at 8 am, which is the start time of the race. BUT, I usually like to warm up and stretch before a race, which I would rather not do during cold rains. So it's all good!

That night, I met up with a friend for dinner and movie. We saw Transformers, which I highly recommend! Surprisingly, the plot was really good and not cheesy at all. The comedic scenes were effective. Optimus Prime retained his coolness! Josh Duhamel provided the requisite eye candy for the women, as well as Megan Fox for the guys. But I think Shia LaBoeuf made the movie! Like I said, highly recommended! :)


So I finally saw the doctor about my knee issue. She seems very pleased that I run and like the fact that I'm training for a half marathon. She said that since I'm a runner, she wants to treat my knee issue aggressively. So I have to get x-rays to rule out arthritis and have to make an appointment with a orthopaedic surgeon to get to the root of the problem. She also prescribed some pain killers. However, she did not forbid me from running. ;-)

Before the doctor came to the examination room, the nurse took my vitals and pointed out that I have a slight fever (99F). I felt fine and told her so. I also told her that it might be because I just took a shower before going to the doctor's office. In reality, it's probably due to the fact that I just ran 5 miles that morning (before the said shower) in the hot, humid weather. ;-)


Oh, and the concert! (Katie - Thanks for reminding me!) It was awesome! I got there just as the opening act was ending. Fortunately, the opening act was Lori McKenna and not Taylor Swift. I would have made it a point to come there extra early if it was Taylor Swift.

Anyways, I followed the seat numbers on my ticket and wouldn't you know there were already people who can't read on my seat! They told me I was in the wrong section. Unfortunately, my friends were not there yet. So I went out again and tried to find one of the ushers, which took a while! At this time, Tim & Faith were already singing their opening song, which wasn't that big of a deal since it's not one of their songs. Anyways, the usher relocated the idiots who can't follow seat #s, thankfully! I wasn't about to argue with idiots and had the usher fight the battle for me.

In the middle of the concert while Faith Hill was singing "Breathe", a fight ensued somewhere below us. I'm guessing it's a seat issue again and some people are just not willing to budge coz they were drunk! Who would have thought that a fight would occur at a Tim and Faith concert!

Overall, a great experience! My voice was hoarse coz I was singing all through the concert. Can you tell I'm a big fan? I'd definitely see them again!


KatieFeldmom said...

So glad that you had a good time at the concert!!! Sorry about the mishap on the seat AND the fight. That sucks.

Irene said...

Good that you saw a doctor! Just be careful about taking your pain-killers and long distance running. Some can really wreak havoc on your kidneys IF you take them just prior to or during super long distances. After a run is OK. The only reason I know this is through several people who were put on certain pain killers for other issues and used them prior to running. They all had kidney issues after that. Not good.

How cool that you saw Tim and Faith in concert!!!! Yeah, drunk people won't move! LOL! Glad you had a great time!

Laurie said...

That is such great news about your knee - just finding a doctor that doesn't immediately tell you to keep off it is amazing. Sounds like you got a good one that will work with you. Don't write off that 1/2 marathon so quickly.

Lori said...

HERE YOU ARE!!! I must have had the wrong link, everytime i clicked on you it said private.

I've heard mixed reviews about that movie.