Monday, July 09, 2007

Bored and watching wierd shows

I'm a big fan of the Travel Channel. And in my previous post, I have expressed my desire to have Samantha Brown's job. I mean, who wouldn't want to travel the world and stay at the most expensive hotels for a living?

BUT, this is one tv host's job I would absolutely not want to do no matter how much you pay me.

His name is Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods. As the name implies, he travels the world in search of the most bizarre foods imaginable! He eats all these wierd stuff and seems to enjoy them! Yuck! Most of the time I cringe every time I watch it! Oddly enough, I can't stop watching it! :-D
At tonight's episode, he's sampling the culinary delights of Trinidad & Tobago. In the first half hour alone, he has managed to consume curried green iguana and raw conch penis.
Now, I love sushi, but come on!!!!


Jen said...

OMG. I was watching this same show tonight, too! I had to change the channel when he did the boiled eel in the UK.

I think I'd have to skip the raw conch penis.

Anonymous said...

That show looks really cool! I'll have to check it out!

Laurie said...

Oh now that's just gross - I don't even like sushi! I once thought a fun job would be a writer for that game show, Weakest Link, and get to come up with a million different ways to call someone stupid.

KatieFeldmom said...

Between that show and Dirty Jobs, I'm really grossed out.

FV Tom said...

And to think he gets paid to have that much fun! I'd love to have that job. You don't have to eat that stuff all the time, just once for the show and move on. Oops, what about if they have to do a bunch of "takes."

Irene said...