Monday, March 05, 2007

Lucky 7!

Thanks for asking! But yes, I got my 7 miles in last Saturday! Actually, it was 7.4 miles! Waaahoooo!!!!

It felt great! The weather actually cooperated. 50F, sunny, with a light breeze. Perfect! The hills didn't even bother me. I was slow, which is what my plan called for. I ran at an average 11:30 min/mi pace for a total time of 1:25:03. The run included 2 brief planned walking breaks at mile 2.5 and 5 to drink my Gatorade. I also had one unplanned walking break at 3 miles to work out some cramping in my stomach.

Legs felt great fine and after the run. I stretched really good after the run. Unfortunately, I felt the soreness the next day. The soreness really didn't bother me, but the shin splint did. I've been iceing and elevating like crazy! The shin still feels sore, but I'm crossing my fingers that it feels better by tomorrow morning coz that's my next run.

Another bad news is that I'm feeling a slight pinching in my right shoulder, so no UBWO last Saturday. :( I think I must have slept on it wrong. My next UBWO is Thursday, which should hopefully give it plenty of time to heal.


The wedding woes continues. At this point, my brother is the one being an a-hole. Talk about Groomzilla! All I can say is that he's being selfish. He's treating my parents like crap yet he has no problem coming over to their house so he can pick up checks to help him pay for his frigging wedding! My parents have no problem helping him out, but for God's sake show some RESPECT!

I'm worried about my mom because she's been crying everyday over it that it's been affecting her health. She had serious high blood pressure issues before and did really well battling it with healthy eating and exercise. Well now, her blood pressure has been rising again inspite of the diet & exercise & medication. Guess who's responsible for it?

I normally don't post anything personal in my blog, but I'm just so pissed at him right now that I really don't care! I am still praying and hoping that this whole thing blows over and that it will be something we laugh about in the future. You know, like one of those normal family squabbles that becomes insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

Well, I'm done venting for now. Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the run!! 7+ miles is AMAZING!!! Hope the shin splint goes away pronto! I hate those, they HURT. Hope the shoulder feels better too.

Ah, weddings. Now would they be all that memorable if there weren't some squabbling? Sorry to hear about the drama. Hope things calm down for the sake of your Mom.

Pamela said...

YAY YOU on the run ! & can't you give your bro a "smack" even verbally to let him see what he's doing??

doidle said...

Weddings can turn everyone into different people! I remember a huge imbroglio with my family the night before my brother's wedding, too. Something as insignificant as which cooler to bring.

It will all blow over!! It's just one event. It will be over soon! Hang in there!

And GREAT job on the 7.4 miles!

carolakabb said...

good luck w/ it all. it IS a stressful time for everyone...