Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first DNS

Looks like I'm not going to do this weekend's Philadelphia Half Marathon. Goodbye $96 reg. fee! My ITBS is still acting up in a big way. I could still run, but really slow and it hurts like a mo fo beotch after a couple miles!

My PT said that I could still do the half if I do one of the following:
  • Run really easy so it doesn't aggravate my IT band.
  • Run until it starts to hurt then walk the rest of the way.
  • Walk the entire thing

Walking doesn't bother my IT band at all, but the idea of walking a huge portion of the 13.1 miles course is just tortuous to my mind. Physically I KNOW I can do it. But why?

My PT did say that the most ideal solution for me is to rest or ease up on the running for a while, until the IT band heals. So that's what I'm going to do...a couple of 5Ks before the year ends, LOL. Am I stubborn or what! ;)

And I don't want to hear this whole BS about DFL>DNF>DNS!!! It is tougher for me to stay behind and not do the race. And in this case, I KNOW I am making the right decision. Besides, I am only 32 yrs old - plenty of races yet in my future as long as I stay relatively injury-free (Please God!).

The good news is that I am back from my vacation! And what an awesome vacation it was! Pictures to follow, once I get done sorting through the hundreds we took.

And THE BEST news of all...I'm a new aunt!!! My beautiful niece was born last Friday, an hour before we landed in Philadelphia! What a nice welcome home present!

So you see, it's still ALL GOOD! :)


Irene said...

At least show up to the expo to retrieve your number and pick up your t-shirt!

Congratulations on your little niece!!!! That's wonderful news!

AND... Did you take a peek at the site? You're pics are there!!!! You look great!

leslie said...

I've dealt with several injuries in my life, with more than 25 years of fitness history to draw upon. And I've finally found a strategy that works for dealing with injuries:

Don't be stupid.

Not doing the 1/2 is a good decision and falls into the first category. And if you can't run, find something you CAN do.

Just for fun, here's a strategy that doesn't work well:

Sit on your ass.
Drink Starbuck's White Mochas daily.

When I first had plantar fasciitis (sp?) that was my way of handling it, and it led to 20 extra pounds that too years to get rid of. I don't recommend that you do what I did!

Congratulations on being an aunt!!! Nieces and nephews are awesome!!!

KatieFeldmom said...

Congrats on being a new aunt!!!
Going now to see you on How cool is that?

Laurie said...


Good for you for knowing not to push it, that's a huge victory in itself. Plenty of races in your future!

Anonymous said...

First off Welcome Back!!! Glad you had a fantastic time and are home safe. Congrats on the new arrival! Yes, there are plenty of races in your future, just let yourself heal and you'll see!