Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Guys at the gym

So lately, I've been going to my work gym after work for weight lifting and extra cardio. I run in the mornings.

Unfortunately, there's this group of guys that just stink up a storm in the gym! I mean NASTY SMELL! Like beyond B.O. Not to sound racist or anything, but I'm guessing that these guys are the same nationality since they're always speaking to each other in their native tongue, whatever that is. Judging by the smell, I'm guessing it's not just BO but something they eat that permeates out of their pores when they sweat. Really foul!

One time, I was in the shoulder press machine when one of the guys started using the machine next to mine. Since I was in the middle of my sets, I stuck it out, prayed, and tried to hold my breath as much as possible (very hard to do when you're supposed to be working hard). I finally got done and went to another machine farther from the guy when I felt dizzy and had to hold on to the nearest solid thing next to me. It was that bad!

Another time, I had the misfortune of being on one of the elliptical machine and one of the guys decided to hop on the one next to mine. Ugh!

On the other hand, there's a new guy at the gym. From what I can tell, he doesn't smell. And OMG...is he HAWWWT!!!! Like GQ-model hot with muscles!!! I first noticed him today but I was so involved with my workout that I just looked at him, took note of his hotness, and continued with my business.

Well, my friend was there too and she also noticed him. Apparently, he's just been going for a couple of days and when he first came the whole female population in the gym that time took notice. As a matter of fact, one of the gym bunnies that work there was all a-giggly.

So on one hand, I have stinky guys. And in the opposite is Mr McHotty eye-candy. Hmmm...

So that's the only interesting thing going on with me.

Still planning to run the half marathon this weekend. Since my last half marathon, my long runs have been a 6-miler and two 10-milers. I'm in so much trouble!


Eileen said...

LOL at Mr McHotty eye-candy! BUt the stinky guys....I wonder if you can complain to the gym mgmt or something. I mean, people complain about cell phone use in the gym.... Ewwww.....

leslie said...

You will be FINE for your half! Just take it nice and easy -- the energy of the race will carry you through for sure. Looking forward to hearing what a great experience it was!

KatieFeldmom said...

Ew on the stinky guys. So.Not.Cool.
Have a great time at the race .... you'll do fine!!!

Laurie said...

I wish a had a hottie to help motivate me to go to the gym. I hate what my gym shows on the tvs so I'd love some eye candy to look at.

So not good on the stinky guys - problem at my gym, more often than not, is the perfume women. Gross.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to be able to complain to management or something. It's interfering in your workout! Stinky people need to be banned! Hee-hee. YAY for Hotnessss! Eye candy is so yummy and so not fattening! Good luck on your run, I'm sure you'll do great!

Irene said...

LOL @ the gym guys! I don't know what's worse, stinky BO guys or stinky too-much-cologne guys!

You'll be fine on your HM. You have the mileage base down already, so you'll be good to go! Will you be wearing one of your Running Skirts???

Stef said...

Oh yeah...we all need eye candy at the gym!

Good luck with the 1/2 Marathon!


Jen said...

YUK. I used to sit in a cube next to a stinky guy. It was partly his diet and partly the fact that he only showered once a week. That's a killer in Florida in the summer time.

Anyway - thank goodness for Mr. McHottie GQ boy. I would put up with the stink to watch that at the gym.

Greg said...

Stinky guys won't be there for long. Trust me this is a phase for them. Soon it'll be just you and Mr. McHottie. :)

Congrats on your running Chantal!!
You are awesome!

SunnyD said...

I met my hot hubby at the gym 8 years ago. He was a trainer there so it gave me such an incentive to work out! I was there every day twice a day just to watch and "stalk" him and I got in great shape fast. He noticed, but played like he didn't. I basically asked him out and gave him my number. He called the next day and the rest is history! Hmm... maybe you'll be posting a similar story with McHottie... :)